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Welcome to the Screwfix Plumbers’ Talk Forum. We block links to Screwfix across all our trade forums. But would be interested in unblocking them if we could have an affiliate account. We did try, but something went wrong Screwfix end and the person stopped responding. If you’d like to chat about this, screwfix, then email us [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to chat about the next step.

  • Did anyone watch Britain's Got Talent last night? There was a Plumber on from Stockport called Darren who bottled it last year but did his audition last night.. He was a stand up comedian and he got off to a rocky start but by the end everyone was loving him! Does anyone know him? Is […]
  • Hi All, I am looking to take my bath out and fit a shower. Regards to tanking. Is it ok to just seal everything with plastic rather than just paint tanking slurry? Thanks in anticipation, best regards Staggers
  • Morning Everyone! It is Easter this weekend and a lot of the kids are already off! Have you got any plans for the long weekend? Are you going away, if so where? Are you doing some DIY, if so what is your project? We are not going anywhere but having a nice lunch on Sunday! […]
  • Why am I not surprised?​ Britain’s gas network still using engines from 1960s RAF fighter jets​Ageing aircraft turbines will cost millions to replace, says National Gas chief Jonathan Leake14 January 2024 • 5:49pm Mr Butterworth, chief executive of National Gas, says the network is powered by 68 turbines spread across 21 pumping stations CREDIT: National […]
  • Hi, I have an unvented water heater which for some reason every year causes me issues. At the end of 2023 I noticed that the pressure valve gauge was going up when the water tank was switched on. My local plumber came and re-pressured the expansion vessel as it was flat, afterwards we tested it […]
  • Ho Ho Ho Being that time of year and all I thought I'd start a Christmas jumper thread! Show yourself off in all its festive glory! I'll go first although mine is a top!
  • Hi All, I want to start offering finance options to customers and wondered which providers is best. I looked into Kanda but wasn't impressed. Which ones would you recommend. TIA
  • Hi, I have quite a few plumbers in the family and wondering what to get them as gifts (men ages 35-45), bit random but do plumbers like copper jewellery/copper bracelets or is that bit of a stereotype.
  • Hey guys, recently had a bit of a dispute over a quote asking me to break it down etc saying they can buy this from X for Y.. how much is labour/materials.. shockingly it was from friends so it's taken its toll on me mentally if I'm honest.. I'm don't think I'm outrageously pricey but […]
  • Really can’t see what this has to do with Plumbing unless you want your kids to go to uni to study Plumbing. Fortunately I don’t have any, not that I’m aware of but you never know the odd one might come crawling out of the wood work at some point looking for money they’d better […]
  • Hi all, I'm really here with the agenda of getting other peoples thoughts on charging deposits. To date I usually charge a third of my labour to hold a date for a customer. I've had no issues until recently where 2 of my prospective clients have tried to negotiate a lower deposit or change the […]
  • Hi, Not sure whats happened here. The forum is basically unusable due to Google Ads. I open any page here and Ads cover content, there is Ad inserts everywhere. I report them as covering content but makes little differance. Close the Ads and large page content shifts occur whilst trying to read. Basically a useless […]
  • Hi, need your honest views if you would be so kind. I’m 48 and work for the NHS (office based) and earn 44k a year. Ive been do fustrated and fed up in my work for so long that I’ve enrolled to do my gas safe and become an engineer. I know it’s hard work […]
  • Hello Everyone. I'm back! It's been a year since my original post and I still haven't managed to resolve the mysterious water usage in my home. It's driving me nuts as I just can't figure out what's going on and Thames Water aren't interested. I've attached some screenshots from over the Christmas period. I was […]
  • A creative friend of mine wants to use it like ply/chip board and make kitchen cabinets (doorless) out of it as he likes the brutalist look. Straight away I said no it's too brittle, wont take screws and plugs without splitting (I think) nor would any shelving take loading well. I've used it as specified […]
  • Hi. My 18yr son has recently started a sub c plumbing apprentice. We all realise how fortunate he is to be given this opportunity and he is loving every day despite starting his day at 5am and sometimes not finishing til 7pm. My question is hes been there 6 weeks suppose to be paid weekly […]
  • Worcester Boiler. Really annoying. All works as it should fine in normal use. However have to go away for a couple of weeks at a time. I put the boiler in holiday mode 5 degrees it's very unlikely it's needed to kick in. When I come back the boiler pump motor is often running even […]
  • Neighbours complained to their landlord about the habitual drilling and grinding noises due to "building noise" at my house and he contacted me. Very polite as usual, unlike my neighbours who have been blanking me (and who also blanked my mother when she saw them out the front and wished them good afternoon) since I […]
  • The Basin bottle trap is in bad condition and begin to loose water due to corrosion (I believe it is lead). May I use pattex putty paste or collak as an emergency solution? How can I loosen the bottle trap nuts? They are so rusty and calcified I am afraid they may break if try […]
  • I keep getting this message every time I reply to a post. The only way round it is to use 'snip and sketch' and post my reply as an attached file (like below). Any solutions?

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