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  • I’m trying to replace a cartridge on a Grohe mixer tap but I can’t get beyond second stage! I have removed the grub screw,but cannot lift off the lever.I have applied some wd40 into the grub screw hole,..but the lever won’t budge. is there any other method for removing the tap lever?…help needed. I have […]
  • I am refurbing my bathroom & need to replace the dodgy main stopcock from the rising main. It is easily accessible and the job should be straightforward. I live in a first floor flat in a block of 6. When I contacted Yorkshire Water, to ask for a meter location, a rather shirty young man […]
  • Hi Guys. Anyone fitted an instant water heater and could give a recommendation on a good suitable to feed a basin and shower. Also do you need G3 to fit one? Thanks
  • I have a brand new, unboxed shower/wet room screen from KRION purchased from Porcelanosa UK. It is the Attica 1 model, as shown in the attached picture from their catalogue. Like on this image ->…elanosa-default-title-630661.jpg?v=1632934007 It's a standard height 2000 mm (2m) and the length is 1200 mm (1.2m). Chrome finish mounts. 8 mm […]
  • What manufacturer makes the best quality fittings for multilayer pipes?
  • Do you recognise this shower drain rubber seal? I have searched the web and common plumbing spares suppliers but I cannot find which it is. It is from a 1990s new build en-suite shower. The plastic cover plate is silver and, when you remove it, two screws go through the fixing plate and pull the […]
  • Hi, I'm wondering what is the best way to add an access point to both the existing soil pipe and waste pipe from my ensuite bathroom in the picture below? Shower is draining slowly for the last month or two and now the toilet is clogging so better to tackle it now I suppose. For […]
  • Hi all, I have been refitting my bathroom and the final piece is the bath. I have a separate shower so wasn’t looking for reinforced and decided I was happy with 5mm acrylic. As I was putting the feet on the bath I looked at the underside of the rim and noticed that the acrylic […]
  • First of all I have to confess I am not a plumber so please bear with me! I have a Daryl enclosed shower in an ensuite bathroom. It was already installed when I moved into my house in 2006 and was probably around 10 years old even then. The other shower components work fine, but […]
  • Hi, would be extremely grateful for any advice on the following. I'm installing a bathroom (shower, toilet and sink) in my summer house. It has mains electricity but not water. I've bought a power shower and a large Thetford cassette toilet. The plan is to use water from a refillable storage tank or water butt […]
  • Sorry if this is stupid question. We have waste water pump in our first floor flat (not sure what it is called)? It failed and wouldn't drain waste water from shower, we found out too late and the water had drained through the ceiling into the property below us. Probably a bit of stretch but […]
  • Please can someone advise how to fix this shower that leaks? I guess I need to replace the washers inside the taps. Is it the blue or red one? My local DIY place didn't have the washer last time I attempted this. The cold tap is the culprit, a bit soft to tighten and leaks […]
  • Got a bath which is just over 10 years old and the shower head needs replacing. This photo shows the layout. I appreciate that access will be required to do this and could be achieved from the adjacent room by cutting a hole in the wall. I’m not sure what I would then see and […]
  • Hi, I am looking to obtain some toilet damping grease for slow close toilet lid. The grease is of extremely thick sticky consistency and translucent. I have found a source in China, Keermo KM-508 but would like to source something similar in UK. Does anyone know of any grease suitable for this job as the […]
  • Hi All, Looking for some advice on my little bathroom project. I took the bath out. I got a shower jacuzzi thing. The base has 2 wheels in the corner. Do I assemble the unit first attach water and elec, and slide the very heavy unit in on the two wheels? Or do I get […]
  • I Think I want a Thermostatic shower valve. Can these be added/installed to an existing shower?
  • When I turn on the shower or bath, initially the pump runs (quite loudly) and only a trickle comes out. I have to alternate turning on the bath and shower before I get a reasonable flow. Then once it is running, if the water is at maximum temperature on the mixer it flows smoothly, but […]
  • Pipes for thermostat shower have been fitted at different heights. Any way of rectifying without ripping all tiles. So for clarity 15mm pipes sunk into wall behind bath. Walls have fresh tiles. Have realised as about to fit shower these pipes one is set higher than the other. If you fit a shower bar to […]
  • The fittings below are for a mixer bar attached to a self contained shower. i.e not a wall. The attaching screws have snapped. I could get two new brackets, dismantle that existing one and start again or I could try and re attach via those screws, removing the broken ones from the plate and wall […]

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