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Discuss What is the best pipe slice? in the Plumbing Tools area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. axxben

    axxben New Member

    I couldn't see another version od this topic.
    In order not to buy every pipe slice make out there. .
    Does anyone have a preference?
    I find even good old rothenburgers fail just a frequent as the cheaper makes. I jave tried wd40 and ot just makes it so it takes 1000 turns before it cuts.

    Any advice?

  2. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

  3. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Kopex was always a favourite, I have had them, but don’t seem to last as long. Rothenbergers are usually good as are monument. Only tried one cheap one (city plumbing) and didn’t last long.
  4. Mastermixlee

    Mastermixlee GSR

    I've always used kopex but got my eye on the nerrard ratchet pipe cutter that does all the sizes and has a handle on the end. As even as someone who hasn't reached thirty years old yet I can suffer with hand pain after a days worth of pipework nowadays
  5. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    FWIW, my experience is to buy spares wheels for whatever make you buy. I used to use Kopex & Monument.
    I also found that as soon as it starts to wander, strip it right down, clean it properly and apply just a film (DO NOT BLATHER) of silicone grease to where the cutter slides and also to the ends of the rollers.
    In my experience that takes it back to new.
    #YorkshireSkinflint ;)
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  6. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    To decipher that for all you southerners , it means “just put a bit on “
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  7. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

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  8. Ranjeev

    Ranjeev New Member

  9. WC1

    WC1 Active Member

    It's the blade as much as the housing. Keep it fresh!
  10. Harry Parkes

    Harry Parkes New Member

    Not a fan of Kopex myself, had a rothenberger for a couple years with new wheel every now and then. Currently using Arctic Haynes pipeslices which are a nice blue colour which helps find them when misplaced, they’ve so far last a long time and also happen to be the cheapest in my local merchants! ;)
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  11. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    This is so weird, sad and pathetic but here goes, last night I dreamt I had bought a new 15mm pipe slice to replace the old that had to be turned about 40 turns to cut (tried bending the spring) and today I went looking for it in my toolbox but it wasn't there it was all a dream but so vivid. :(
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  12. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    The one that cuts the pipe when i need it to.
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  13. Tim S

    Tim S Member

    Currently using the Ridgid 2 in 1 (15 & 22mm) nice solid piece of kit under £30 quid on Amazon
  14. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Have you not seen/tried the ratchet ones?
  15. Mastermixlee

    Mastermixlee GSR

    Nope never used them. If you've had experience with them please let me know your thoughts :)
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