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Dec 15, 2018 at 10:44 AM
Apr 20, 2008
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West Yorkshire


Plumbers Arms member, from West Yorkshire

Phil was last seen:
Dec 15, 2018 at 10:44 AM
    1. andrewjh009
      you got pm dude :)
    2. Winston
      You about mate?
    3. Winston
      Hi mate wasnt it awful what they did on screwfeck! You still busy? I have gone real quiet apart from 1 or 2 days a week subbing.
    4. Phil
      Hi Winston

      Sorry for the delay I haven't logged on for a while, I'm snowed under here working 7 days a week to clear the backlog.

      Dickspanner eh?
    5. Winston
      Hi mate I think Puller may have joined as dickspanner! Hope your keeping busy
    6. Phil
      Sorry that's a year old!!

      Anyway, back to writing up this quote.....
    7. Phil
    8. Phil
      Hi Loz

      I bent some chrome pipe the other day and got it bang on (practice) it was for an electic shower swap and the water input was on the other side (isn't it always?). Its expensive stuff so you can't afford to get it wrong!!

      I don't do gas and have no interest in doing so at the moment. I've been is the trade coming up to 2 years (Jan) and I think I was 6 months in when the credit crunch hit, so given that I've started a business in a saturated market and in a recession I haven't done bad as I'm rushed of my feet at the moment.

      Found out yesterday my training provider VIY in Leeds has gone bust probably a massive drop in applicants as folk realise we dont need any more plumbers at the moment. It looks like we'll be among the last of batch of cc/cc's?

    9. Winston
      Hi Phil really pleased with myself today managed to bend chrome pipe offset passovers the lot, tommorow is the day to see if all water tight, yeeha polished my spurs. Do you do gas as well m8, how long have you been in the trade?
    10. Winston
      Hi Phil how has your week been?
    11. Winston
      Well my worst week ever not had a single job and that cylinder has got me down as well, real peed off with it all.
    12. Winston
      Hi Phil wondering if I may have some advice from you tommorow I have 2 showers to swap over. I dont know if the pipework has been clipped in when they where originally installed. Now I dont want to lose the pipes inside the wall so was wondering whether you think by lassoing some strin around the pipework before undoing. And no the word lassoing isnt meant regarding my cowboy status.
    13. paulw

      i need some advice please.

      i am looking into a change of career, as a plumber and before i spend thousands on courses i wanted to make sure im doing the right thing.

      1. is there a lot of plumbing work in london, or is it oversaturated?

      2. at 37 years old am i too old, what are the chances of being taken on as a newly qualified plumber?

      3. how long does it take to get established and get a good reputation and regular work?

      4. whats the best 'field' of plumbing to get into?

      5. after completing the course what kind of salary can i hope to earn?

      thanks for reading this, i know that there are a lot of courses available, i was thinking of going with OLCI in london, but just want to make sure that i can get work at the end of it.
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