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  1. ProffesorPlumb

    ProffesorPlumb Guest

    Chase Plumbing Academy are pleased to announce that they are now and accredited BPEC Assessment Centre.

    We now run 1 day Water Regulations Training for Plumbers old & new.

    (Link removed this is an old thread)

    It is not a difficult course and all plumbers should be trained in this to ensure they are not breaking the law on installations :)

    No plumbing qualifications are necessary :)

    Please get in touch for curriculum content and learning criteria
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  2. Tosh

    Tosh Guest

    Just found out that I need the water regs and Unvented systems training. Who and where are Chase plumbing academy? Where can I get more info on them? Do they have a website?

    Is the BPEC enough or should it be a C & G test center? what is qualification needed to be a legal plumber and big question how much does it cost?

    Many Thanks


    sorry just noticed link. Been on it and got info thanks.

    Do you know about an unvented course as well?
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  3. ProffesorPlumb

    ProffesorPlumb Guest

    Any questions you have about your training, then please ask here :)
  4. Agile

    Agile Agile Services

    My Water Regs course was with Thames Water.

    That was for THREE days and intended for people with considerable experience.

    How can this course deal with people with NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in only ONE day?

  5. ProffesorPlumb

    ProffesorPlumb Guest

    Through the way the distant learning package works. A minimum of 3 weeks prior learning with this package followed by a 1 day revision & assessment day.

    Easy :)
  6. Paultheplumber

    Paultheplumber Guest

    I think the reason you can get away with the 1 day course is that its mostly open book and shows you can reference thing you are unsure of you wont actually retain most of the information it doesnt seem right but all they care about is that you can find the answers if you are unsure of anything.
  7. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Guest

    Hi anybody got any comments on the home learning study detail, Ive started reading through it & its pretty heavy going.
    I dont mind reading it all word for word but if its not really required then why ?
    Any comments on who has taken the 1 day BPEC assessment please thanks.
  8. secret squirrel

    secret squirrel Guest

    I did the Bpec water regs earlier this year, the book is a nightmare, we all were moaning about it. One of our group suggested that you read the summary first, this gives you a rough idea of what the chapter is about.

    Then read the chapter, do the questions and then re-read the summary. We all took this on board and out of (I think) 25 only 2 failed.

    The questions are all referenced by page and chapter etc. so not as bad as you would think.:)

    Hope this helps
  9. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Guest

    Thanks for the feedback, how deep where the multiple choice questions because as you have said the book is a nightmare.
    Should be ok with the open book stuff.
    I read it once & made reference by going back over stuff but cannot take it all in during one read.
    What was the video test like ?
    Again thanks & look forward to any more comments you have.
  10. bcharalambous

    bcharalambous Guest

    does everyone get the same questions on the papr test??????
  11. applicator1

    applicator1 Guest

    Hi, I have completed the 6129 Level 2 practical and I only need to go back to college for half of the theory. Am I experience enough to do the Water Regs Certificate? Or even the Unvented Certificate. I am trying to aim at Renewable Energies!
  12. Jamie Banks

    Jamie Banks Guest

    Done my BPEC water regs earlier this year and just a quick question how long does it last before it is advisable to retest or recap. Do you need to do it all again sometime?
  13. Robtheplumb

    Robtheplumb Guest

    What are the benifits of doing the water regs course? I can see there are benifits to your Knollage doing the course but are there any other benefits???
  14. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    its good to be covered, as its one less excuse that insurance co's can use to avoid payment in event of a claim.

    'we would ordinarily pay but this alleged plumber hadn't completed a basic area of training' etc etc

    i'm glad i've got mine. far as i know its 5 yrs then re-do

  15. helpsy

    helpsy Plumber

    Hi applicator1
    I did the bpec unvented course, I read the folder in a few hours and did the 1 day course and passed.That is probably the easiest part, but in the real world it may prove for you to be a little different outside the classroom.
    Good Luck
  16. spanner

    spanner Plumber GSR

    Hi plumbum..checked out the site but can't see anything over the water regs dept..say how much is a 1dayer course there guner cost ??

    Cheers Spanner
  17. paulnwales

    paulnwales Guest

    noi experience??? good luck with getting the waterboard to license you, they require a min of nvq2 and public liability ins
  18. BSNI

    BSNI Guest

    i applied for a job which required unvented certification in compliance with G3 and L1/L2 of the building regs. the unvented card I have, issued by NICEIC says G3 and the water supply regs 1999, but does not mention L1/L2. Does anyone know if i am covered. as far as i knew G3 is the statutory regs, applicable through courts whereas L1/L2 only set out the minimum requirements for installing such systems.
  19. student plumber

    student plumber Member

    The impression I got was the "Water Regs Certificate" means didly squat on it's own.

    I interpreted it as NVQ2 qualified, get Water Regs Certificate, third party insurance, contact WRAS or one of the three water companies that run there own schemes like Thames Water to get yourself certified as an Approved Contractor.
    They may ask you to do more tests if they think you are not experienced enough.

    Or have I missed something out.
  20. garykelly123

    garykelly123 Guest

    my college where im doing my 6129 do the water regs and its 395 pound yet if going on to do the level 3 its in with it
  21. northstar

    northstar Plumber

    which college are you at ?
  22. garykelly123

    garykelly123 Guest

    stroud, gloucestershire
  23. Plumbus

    Plumbus Member

    I did the BPEC back in May. Yes I read the regs booked beforehand and then a BPEC folder given before the course which is easy to follow. I took my time, last in group to finish but all correct. The few that rushed 'cus they were experts' failed - as it's open book and referenced as said you should be fine. I think we all got the same paper...
  24. Mohammed786

    Mohammed786 Guest

    When I start the 6129 level 3 plumbing course even though I'm not on an apprenticeship, will I be allowed to take BPEC Water Regulation, bpec unvented hot water system bpec energy efficiency if i wanted to in my spare time

    thank again
  25. Mohammed786

    Mohammed786 Guest

    is the water regulations exam multipul choice thank
  26. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    Yes and yes

    Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  27. Plumbus

    Plumbus Member

    Yes for a few £££'s. try to do the 'extra's' as you complete the relevant section in L3
  28. victor123

    victor123 Guest

    The home study pack is a comprehensive manual covering all 12 modules with self-test packs. You will be required to have studied this manual prior to attendance.
  29. spanner

    spanner Plumber GSR

    Cheerios boys name girls I've got it sorted.. Next week I've got the unvented hot water course to be looking forward to.. Any help??? Questions or ideas :bulb2:
  30. spanner

    spanner Plumber GSR

    dnno what on earth was thinking about there “boys name girls“ my apologies boys and girls..:hurray: And would appreciate a push of help with the following module... Thanks
  31. spanner

    spanner Plumber GSR

    where is there to get the best refresher on unvented hot water systems???
  32. sraheens

    sraheens GSR

    I have completed the bpec course and the C&G course.
    Bpec 1day course is just another money making exercise for colleges and bpec. Its a disaster you get the exam it tells you where the answer (open book) is and you make your decision.ABCD come on for the sake of plumbing in the future all bpecs 1 day 3 days nonsence must be stopped

    If you have money and any level of experience you should be doing the C&G.
  33. Tjdservices

    Tjdservices GSR

    I am looking into this, the college I spoke to said it was a turn up on the day exam but others have said you need to self study, I have started re-reading the WRAS book but if anyone has any advice to help with potential revision then please let me know
  34. alik112

    alik112 Guest

    hi jamie banks

    water regs is indefinate, in a couple of years there are rumours that the regulation will be updated, but that snot confirmed.
  35. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    If you have done it before. Get yourself the unvented design guide by corgi. Cost about 12 quid. Great reference book
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