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Feb 11, 2019
Aug 3, 2010
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Archway, London UK
Student(plumbum)Ground worker Labourer


Plumbers Arms member, from Archway, London UK

Plumber GSR

Heyeeeeee.. May 6, 2017

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Feb 11, 2019
    1. spanner
    2. spanner
      Would like to thank everyone in the UKPF. Have sincerely enjoyed it all of the way to get my plumbing and gas achievements with your help .
      Doesn't stop here though lolz
      And thank you all very much.
      Where would we be if it weren't for this brilliant place to be UKPF
      Lolz I really just hope I don't get too addictive
      As now and over the hols I've been cursing this phone of mine and running outa battery on regular basis.
    3. spanner
      Hi there..where is everybody...?
    4. spanner
      Hi there, another question ! If you have a direct hot water system installed (not unvented), is it stil advisable to have mixer taps in the kitchen?, Also as we all gather the water supply at this point would be fresh mains water ! But are there special type of taps for the convection low pressure outlet from the hot cylinder??? If that made sense.!! Erk!
    5. spanner
      Hi to all out there in the the greatest forum in the whole world.. Whilst I've not been here, was busybusybusy groundworking and same old usual everyday thing...But hav ereturned with a question for all you grat peeps out there and I'd like to know what does the letters "HE" stand for on most domestic boilers?????. Hurry and get back to me as I need to also make sure I'm heard out there, and my mail is being delivered to you all out there..
    6. spanner
      Hi to all you lucky plumbers out there, just a quicky... need to know,that if your fitting an external programmer to a new vaillant combination boiler, do you have to leave in the old "kinda leggo looking programmer" or simply plug it out, then add external programmer..? (remove it)???? HEELP I'm waiting on you good lot out there..!!!:rolleyes2:
    7. spanner
      Merry Christmas to all. Just hope that al you plumbers out there managed to get your dinners worth and maybe picked up a few few cooking tips..wanna wish you all a happy new year and all at the very best UK PLUMBING FORUM for 2011

    8. spanner
      Still.. at my studying the practical is a way till April 2011, and looking forward to the day, but in the meantime there has been no holding back, as to resolving anything in this field of becoming the plumber. The good thing was not realising how many people I'd been telling, as since there has always been that little job around the corner. But in my case its a great satisfying experience appreciate helping others "little jobs"..lol, and updating on "The UK's Plumbing Forum" GRRRREat!!
      Don't hesitate to contact me always looking for refrshers..
      Thank S..
    9. spanner
      Hi, guys, today was in toolstation and need to know ...is there such thing as a three port mid position valve made by honeywell which has only three wires???
      Was listenig to a customer who said he'd purchased one only to discover that there were five wires instead of three unlike the one he had to replace...!!!
      Would appreciate a quick refresher here as it sounded a bit funky to me,, and just never had the time to collect a bit more information to basically help!!!
    10. spanner
      Aqualisa I'm quite shocked of the outcome of the product. I've never owned or ever seen one but when your studies are involved in such a product, its not much of a complementary. It looks like they' re the only thing worth learning about..!
    11. spanner
      Is it possiblre to solder a 15mm copper pipe with a heat gun??[IMG]
    12. spanner
      Help...how do you work this out ..to raise 200ltrs of water from 10-60 degrees yea ok water has a joule of 4.186 lets say 4.2 ok(er please correct and explain as I'm in middair), you multiply 200ltr by 4.2 the joule then multiply by 50 as 10 subtracted from 60 and stil cant find the answer..Pleheeees someone
    13. spanner
      can you solder with a decent heat gun anybodz (just that Im not gonnna sleep on thatn)?? !
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    Archway, London UK
    Student(plumbum)Ground worker Labourer
    just coolest man on the planet

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