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  1. John Cotton

    John Cotton Guest

    Does anyone know if it is now mandatory to have the shut-off inside new build flats, rather then outside ?
    I'm project manager for a builder and the plumbing company have told us this, but we're concerned as the mains come in along bedroom walls in every flat and they will look terrible, even if boxed in. THANKS, JOHN
  2. Plumbstar Tom

    Plumbstar Tom Well-Known Member

    i think the regs state that isolation is needed to each dwelling

    so can you not just keep the pipe running along the bedroom wall to the kitchen and pop it uner the sink in the kitchen or something?
  3. John Cotton

    John Cotton Guest

    We were told that the shut-off valve had to be located at the point of entry into the property - any thoughts ?
  4. Plumbstar Tom

    Plumbstar Tom Well-Known Member

    id have to dig out my BS6700 as its in there but to be honest it will take me three days to find the right page, hopes one of the others chaps or chapesses on her can advise.
  5. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Here from BS6891

    8.17.1 An additional emergency control valve (AECV) shall be fitted:
    a) to the installation pipe where it enters the building if the meter is sited 6 m or more away from the
    building; or
    b) inside individual flats served by a large single or multiple meter installation located in a remote or
    communal area (see Figure 7).

    Here is the rest of it

    8.17.2 Every AECV shall:
    a) be labelled or marked to show its open and closed position;
    b) be fitted in an accessible position;
    c) be easy to operate;
    d) be fitted with a suitable handle which is securely attached, or other permanent means of operation;
    e) where the lever moves in the vertical plane, move to the “off” position in a downward direction.
    There shall be a permanent notice attached to the valve giving the following information:
    a) the valve is an “emergency control for customers’ use”;
    b) details of the parts of the installation isolated by the valve;
    c) the telephone number of the Gas Emergency Service; and
    d) advice to the customer on actions to be taken if they think they can smell gas.
    8.17.3 A pressure test point shall be installed no more than 300 mm downstream of the AECV.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2010
  6. John Cotton

    John Cotton Guest

    Does this mean the valve should be at the point of entry in the flat, or anywhere ? What does Figure 7 that is mentioned ?
  7. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Fitted at point of entry.
    Figure 7 is just a drawing of remote meters with risers to flats.

    Should have been picked up at design stage. That is what architects get paid for. Allegedly.
  8. John Cotton

    John Cotton Guest

    Just to be sure - as this is going to affect the saleability of 24 flats - the scenario is that the meters are outside, in boxes at the bottom of the building wall - are you saying that this will require valves at point of entry of each flat ? The reason i want to be clear is that the valves, next to the meters outside are not 6m away horizontally, although they may over 6m if you also measure vertically, as its a 3 storey building.
  9. kirkgas

    kirkgas Trusted Plumber GSR

    there are 2 different points to look at, 1 is a remote meter (more than 6m away needs an extra valve) or 2 communal area with all meters feeding individual flats (which you do have 6m rule doesnt apply here but your scenario needs extra valve in each flat) the 6m rule is walking from the meter to the front/back door to the property, not as the crow flies, potentially the bottom flat may be within this distance and wont require an additional valve, (as it is in effect the same as a house with external meter depending on position of meter) but all other flats are 99% likely to need one. its no comfort to know we see 1000's without, but it dont make it right, not really sure whether it is a Project Managers job to be sorting this as the installer should have both a design with it on it, and a working knowledge to advise you the design is wrong, get back to the archietect and advise him your installer says his plan is mince and let him sort it out, oohh what will cost an extra for someone to pay:D
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2010
  10. tamz

    tamz Guest

    There were other ways this could have been overcome at the design stage. It is the architects bolz up. It seems as though you already have the services fitted so you will have to work with what you have and work them in.
    If you don't allow them to be fitted, then firstly, the installers have every right not to sign the work off, you will probably get pulled by building control, but if not, it would most certainly be picked up by the first gas reg guy who visits and classed as at risk.
    This may then open a fresh can of worms with the work having to be done retrospectively.
  11. stevetheplumber

    stevetheplumber Plumber GSR

    point of entry can be outide the flat which is where we always try to design them to be
    i realy cant imagine a carefully disguised gas valve will actually stop some one buying a flat
  12. easyt

    easyt Guest

    I know nothing of regs - but aren't the valves normally sited alongside the meter in most homes eithe rindide the house or outside? _ I don't have gas.
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