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Discuss Looking for plumber in the ipswich area? in the Plumbers Looking for Work - Post Here area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

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  1. romeospadre

    romeospadre New Member

  2. Dannypipe

    Dannypipe Trusted Plumber GSR

    Not my area I'm afraid, but you will definetley find someone on here that covers it.
  3. Robtheplumb

    Robtheplumb Guest

    I'm about 15 miles North east from Ipswich
  4. romeospadre

    romeospadre New Member

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for the reply, I am in the process of an rear extension and hopefully in the next 4 -6 weeks will need a plumber so I thought id start looking now. I have done some research on Under floor heating but need someone to have a look at the area and quote me.
    Not sure at what stage I should get some in but i am currently having the footings dug.

  5. romeospadre

    romeospadre New Member


    Looking for a quote ASAP please- Wet Underfloor Heating.
  6. Puddle

    Puddle Plumber

    Thank you for posting your potential work requirements on the forum,any members able to assist ,please pm romespadre
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