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    LUCIALIA Plumber

    Is anyone else having any problems with the scenarios, i just wanna chuck it out of the bloody window. If anyone has any walk throughs, it would be appreciated as i can fix the problem no worries but not complete it exactly as the program wants & it driving me nuts!
  2. popyesthesailor

    popyesthesailor Guest

    hi mate i dont know how to do soundness test in senario 3
    please help me
  3. stecunners

    stecunners Guest

    hi mate, the scenarios are a pain,,,scenario 1 their are nineteen thing to check basically everything to do with the cold water system, count them as you go along isolators,taps,toilet etc,etc..
    scenario 2 hot water check,the immersion heater has been left on and its too high,turn it down to 60 degrees again check everything to do with the hot water,
    scenariol 3 not done that yet,got as far as a soundness test and failed so got bored with it...good luck

    REDSAW Guest

    hi got this disk of a mate for fun.
    check every thing that is wet plumbing, it will tell you if not relevant.
    and dont forget to leave the house as you found it water / heat on doors shut etc.
  5. Jamesyd82

    Jamesyd82 Guest

    Good day one and all, I am also struggling with the soundness testing!! do you have to check each piece of pipework which is adjoined to the isolation/service valves?! I do know after many times of being told that you must turn the boiler OFF before you play with the gate valve. Will give it another attempt when kids are tucked up in bed!
    Regards James
  6. andyb 1980

    andyb 1980 Guest

    I am also struggling with the soundness test in sanario 3, if anyone has any advice it will be very much appreciated
  7. newbie1

    newbie1 Guest

    are you referring to a gas tightness test ?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2009
  8. andyb 1980

    andyb 1980 Guest

    no the soundness test for hot and cold water systems. (scenario 3 on the Trade 4 trade skills virtual reality cd). Ive read the guide in my book but its not the same in the VR house, you cant just go to your toolbox and grab a tool. the last problem i had to solve was two leaking taps but it wouldnt let me change the tap washers i had to replace the taps with new ones, shurely i should have had both options.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2009
  9. wittek

    wittek Guest

    Did anybody finish the senario 2. I have problem with the hot water system check, rest is done, it is 18 points to inspect. Somebody can tell my whom from kitchen&cupboard has to by inspect. help please its getting me mad
  10. Bob Croft

    Bob Croft Guest

    I have not heard of these scenarios are they part of an on line plumbing course ? Where do you get the Cd's ?
  11. wittek

    wittek Guest

    yes- it is from T4TS plumbing scenarios2
  12. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    They seem okay as scenarios to me.

    They seem to be picking up on any underlying knowledge required to answer them.

    In real life of course it often doesn't work like that.

    A Plumber usually has to think on the job, not go home and look in a book.

    Its great if you can of course and sometimes you get the opportunity to do so.

    Working for small repair companies however, where you don't even know what your next customer will want, it works differently.
    If your an employee, your boss will expect you to be able to do what he is paying you for and that means any job in Plumbing.
    That means from ships plumbing to oil refinery to tap washers.

    You would need a library to cover it all and have the time to read it.

    Your head would be so full of information you could probably be so distracted from your often dangerous surroundings you could trip, and hurt yourself.

    The key is to do your planning first and then the job, so you don't mix work with learning.

    But how do you do that in a small firm when you don't know what sort of job you will be doing in the next half hour let alone day?

    Learn as much as you can about how things should work, then you will know why they don't.

    And don't be afraid to ask questions or look in kids books for answers.
    Have a read of a Physics book, go to one of the junior school websites and learn the basics from the start.

    And don't think your too old or sophisticated to do that.

    You don't of course have to go down to the sub atomic particle level of matter to understand what your doing, although that helps, but just far enough so that you do understand.

    Also what you do sometimes find is that the same principles of Plumbing apply equally to an oil refinery as they do to your house only the pipes are usually bigger.

    Wait till you get piece of 24" Spun cast iron to play with. You can get bigger of course, but that is usually the heavy mobs job. :)

    You will spend all day trying to work out how to move it, let alone do anything else with it. And no a nice man with a crane isn't always there.

    You have to ask "How deep is the hole, its going in?" "Is the hole properly shored up!"

    Loads of questions about none Plumbing things that are all part of Plumbing.

    Its all a good laugh. And don't forget to relax and have fun at some point. :) :)
  13. stecunners

    stecunners Guest

    scenario 2 the immersion has been left on,the thermostat on the immersion is set to high,turn it down to 60 degrees,check everything to do with hot water,
    ps i have the completion code should you need it, hope this helps
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  14. wittek

    wittek Guest

    hello can you tell me please
    step by step how to do the stupid scenario 2, I done all settings but the hot water check is .a . help
  15. collier23

    collier23 Guest

    Hey folks if you contact your tutor team you can get a walkthrough guide from them
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  2. plumbing on cd course 3d reality

  3. plumber on cd course