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  1. Steve weightman

    Steve weightman GSR

    Evening all,
    A regular customer of mine who has a beauty salon and a hairdressers shop adjoining each other and running off the same inlet water main has decided without getting advice to purchase the accumilator because of low water pressure apart from a structurel weight bearing issue the incoming mains is 15mm would i be right in saying this is inadequate
  2. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I think that would all depend on outlet usage/loading units. Any way of upgrading?
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  3. Brambles

    Brambles Active Member

    Steve, I fit a lot of accumulator systems. To be effective they generally need to have a stored capacity of at least 200 litres and preferably 400litres. The later will deal will a poor flow rate on the recharge cycle.

    In general terms ( domestic properties) aim to design for a pressure of 4.5bar with a flow of 30 lites / minute.

    Avoid the approved pumps that “suck” from the mains. I work in the Thanes Water area, even with the WRAS pumps, once they realise one is installed they instal a restrictor ahead of the meter !

    A final point, they really need to be installed on the ground floor - don’t be fooled by the Stuart Turner iboost solution - it is excellent in a plant room, but not in a kitchen cupboard ( unless you are hard of hearing!)

    Hope this helps
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  4. Steve weightman

    Steve weightman GSR

    In the first beauty salon the pressure is ok but for the salon where the cold feed T's and goes through a wall to is for the salon and there finding the individual instant hot water points for hair washing are dropping as the toilets flushed etc
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  5. Steve weightman

    Steve weightman GSR

    Good advice thanks. The storage on this is 174 litre and the weight on the first floor will be 347kg . The usage is for hair washing mainly from instant hot water points so maybe 174 litre may be fine
  6. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    whats the flow rate of the main now?
  7. Steve weightman

    Steve weightman GSR

    I don't know the salons complained and he's been out and bought one the first I knew about it was when he called me and said he's got one to fit
  8. Brambles

    Brambles Active Member


    If you can send me the pressures (static and dynamic) and flow rates, outlet heights et al - I am happy to give you an indicative design. If you also let me know the pump specification and elevation of the accumulator and outlets - I can give you expected flow rates and pressure.

    It won’t be spot on - but I have a lot of empirical data as to how these units perform.

    Without putting a negative slant on this topic, an M300sv is “up against it” at first floor level in a commercial property unless the incoming flow is greater than 10 litres/minute.

    Stuart Turner in Henley are very responsive. In my experience, they don’t want their products installed in the wrong situations and are very keen to work with you to get the right solution.

    In the Thames Water area low (crap) flows and pressures are a very common problem - they only want to be associated with success
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    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  9. Steve weightman

    Steve weightman GSR

    Yes if that's ok. I need to wait until the salon landlords back to take a look. Thanks