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Discuss Ridgid 57018 C Type Copper Tube Cutter, 15-22mm in the Plumbing Tools area at

  1. Cailean

    Cailean Member

    I bought this Ridgid pipe slice type cutter over a month ago and it's been extensively used every day since then.

    It's attraction to me was that it cuts both 15mm and 22mm using only the one tool. However you pay a premium for this function, as my one cost me £35.77 which is more than you'd pay for two separate pipe slices. However, it's main feature is convenience and being a Ridgid tool, it's quality. I've relegated my 22mm cutter to the spare tools box.

    It's extremely simple to use. Slide a small lever and the cutting wheels drop down to engage 15mm pipe, slide the lever back again and the cutting wheels lift to engage 22mm pipe. Nothing whatsoever requires tightening.

    Changing the cutting wheel is also very simple and only requires pulling a pin out, so no more fluffing about opening cutters to get at the cutting wheel.

    Cutting of copper pipe is quite simply superb. Three revolutions and the pipe is cut. As the cutting wheel dulls through use though, I'd expect more turns on the pipe to cut it.

    This is everything I'd expect from a quality tool, and it is quite simply the best pipe slice I've ever used. For you lads using larger copper pipe, there's also a model that cuts up to 28mm.

    Be aware that as this was originally intended for the American market, that there are versions in metric and imperial measurements, so make sure you get the metric version. Also in past reviews, I've read that the wheels are prone to rusting, so give it a quick spray of WD40 before popping it back in the tool bag.
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  2. DGT plumbing

    DGT plumbing New Member

  3. scott_d

    scott_d Plumber GSR

    Better than pipe slices?
    Would you buy another?
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  4. Cailean

    Cailean Member

  5. Cailean

    Cailean Member

    This is a pipe slice type tool but cuts both 15mm and 22mm with the one pipe slice instead of needing to carry a 15mm plus a 22mm pipe slice in your tool bag.
  6. Roverspete

    Roverspete New Member

    I’ve just bought mine direct from Ridgid for £28 inc VAT looking forward to using it
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  7. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

    Think it's too big to get in close to walls etc.
  8. BYP


    Order placed, I bought the Ridgid 32673 too. Less than 24 hours on the forum and its cost me £50
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  9. Cailean

    Cailean Member

    It's roughly the same size as my Monument 22mm pipeslice so it fits fine into awkward places. It also has wee inbuilt slots on it that are there to insert the blade of a screwdriver to help push it round the pipe in awkward places. They seem to have really thought about the design of this.
  10. Cailean

    Cailean Member

    Post up your thoughts on it after using it for a few days mate.

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