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  1. MysteryMan

    MysteryMan New Member

    I have an Ideal Standard Domi Solo basin tap that has a white finish - not sure if it is enamel or some other finish.

    Anyway, after 20+ years usage parts of the white finish has yellowed and has one or two chips in it.

    Having initially thought of replacing it then I found that this tap or, indeed, any white taps are not readily available. Everything seems to be chrome finish now!

    So, I wondered if it is possible to get the tap body restored/re-enameled/painted or whatever to get it back to its former glory!

    Does anyone know if this is possible, are there companies that could do this?

  2. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    There's a white tap that's very similar to yours on eBay for £27.
    Infact, on my first search I found loads of white taps, where did you look?
    You may be able to get it resprayed or enamelled, but I bet you're looking at a lot more than £27 and I also bet it doesn't last long.
    The question of re-colouring baths pops up on here every so often and opinion seems to be that it's not very good.
  3. MysteryMan

    MysteryMan New Member

    Oooh, right...I thought I had searched on eBay - clearly, didn't do it very well.

    Yes, there are some promising ones on there and thank you for your views on re-colouring.

  4. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Re-colouring of taps is indeed possible. However:
    - never, ever, spray paint
    - it can be good when it's properly powder coated and has an acid etch primer on first
    - the whole thing must be stripped down, acid dipped to remove all traces of previous cover, re-polished & chemically cleaned again before applying the PC
    Personally, I've only ever done it to unique taps which cannot be replaced.
    In your case, white taps ARE available so it would be difficult to justify £3-400 for a single tap refurb.