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Discuss Relocating to Lincoln and looking for work in the future in the Plumbers Looking for Work - Post Here area at

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  1. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay Member

    Good evening hope everyone is doing well, I'm relocating to Lincoln area with wife and children and just seeing if any people on here know of companies in the Lincolnshire area looking for work or to approach , I've been working for boiler manufacture since 2013 but if postcode ain't available ill have to start afresh, I'm strongest at fault finding but happy to do installs as I've done that since 1997,happy to do referbs/1st/2nd fix new builds etc etc, any advice from engineers in that area would be great, thanks for everyone's time
  2. Ray Stafford

    Ray Stafford Guest

    Hi Jason

    You might try PMing a regular member called cr0ft, who runs a business in that area.
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  3. newcastle phill

    newcastle phill Guest

    Yeh hes called dripbusters i believe. He was after someone not so long ago.
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  4. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay Member

    Thanks guys really appreciate your feedback,this site has top people!!!
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  5. aqua.heat

    aqua.heat GSR

    How did you get on @Jay Jay@Jay Jay? I'm in Skeg Vegas and could pass you some stuff Lincoln way as and when. Where abouts are you? Could always use a chuck for installs too.

  6. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay Member

    Hi Jon thanks for reply can I call you or call me for a chat? as I have sold and in process of moving I'm working for a boiler manufacturer it's just they have engineer in area, so need to sort something out. More then happy to travel but ideally want to be on the cards rather then self employed. Thanks again for your time I really appreciate it
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 9, 2017
  7. Dan

    Dan Admin

    I've moved this thread to the new area where people can post if they're looking for work. :)
  8. Dan

    Dan Admin

    I've moved this thread to the new area where people can post if they're looking for work. :)
  9. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Oh No the dreaded double posting is back ! o_O
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