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  1. Rozzachamps

    Rozzachamps Member

    Hi, I'm installing a bathroom at the front of the house and need to get the main 110mm waste pipe to the back of the house where the main stack is.

    I've had to drill a large hole in the landing wall in order to get the pipe through to the other side, however directly on the other side of the hole is breeze block. I can extend the hole a bit to dodge this (as I don't want to cut the breeze block if possible) however it will require a bend in the waste pipe. Ideally I could just use an offset connection, however the only offsets I can find are for pan connectors. Do offset connections exist for just mid-pipe requirements? I can't find any. The alternative is putting in 2 bends (creating a shallow s bend) however this will take up quite a lot of space.
  2. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Use 2 x 45° ??
    And you do know a knew bathroom is notifiable don't you??
  3. Rozzachamps

    Rozzachamps Member

    Yes, thanks.
  4. snowhead

    snowhead Well-Known Member

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