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  1. Inverness

    Inverness Plumber GSR

    hi guys. When the riello burner is firing when I pull out the photocell and cover it up the flame goes out then comes back on? Can you tell me how I can test the photocell so I know it working?
    The boiler firebird it's starting to lockout at the burner every so often I have noticed the oil pump sound crunchy when it's spinning. But I wanted to test the photocell first.
  2. MikeJhn

    MikeJhn Active Member

    If you have a decent multi meter set to Ohms and test across the contacts pointing the cell into the light, note reading then put it in the shade, the readings should be vastly different, can't remember what they are supposed to be, but very different. Photo cell is a push fit onto the control box, slide it forward to get it off.

    Is it the oil pump crunching or the fan, the fans act like a vacuum cleaner and will suck in all sorts of debris.

    There is a filter inside the oil pump front face, don't know how experienced you are, but you may be able to take the cover plate off and clean out the filter, without disturbing the settings of the pump, if you are not sure about this then get in a boiler tech to do it for you.
  3. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    I first would fix whatever is causing the noise! Riello cells don’t give bother much anyhow.
    Riello burners are well known for oil pumps wearing and intermittently seizing. Doing an oil pressure test is meaningless.
    Also bearings need replaced (one nearest oil pump usually goes first).
    Use your ears and your eyes first.

    Basically what I am saying is just because an electrical control box is doing its job and locking out regularly, doesn’t mean you have an electrical fault!
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