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Discuss Only a third tank of hot water in the Renewable Energy area at

  1. John kronberg

    John kronberg New Member

    Hi, this sounds exactly what I am looking for. thanks a million and I shall be looking into this willis immersion and am sure I will be getting one fitted in the very near future. Thanks again.
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  2. John kronberg

    John kronberg New Member

    I will look into the destratification pump as well as the willis immersion as Best has will probally come down to cost and how much space there is to fit either. Don't worry about the running cost because the pump would run off the free electricity.
    Thanks very much for your imput.
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  3. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Here is a link to the exact heater type I mentioned.
    Willis External Immersion Heater | Heating Parts Warehouse
    Not expensive, as you can see.
    But it requires some minor plumbing.
    The Willis has to be installed vertically, (with electrics at base), somewhere fairly low at side of hot cylinder.
    The bottom connection (cold return) of heater can be joined to the 1/2" drain tapping with copper pipework.
    The top connection (hot flow) on the heater must be connected using copper pipe to tee to the vent pipe of your hot water tank ideally at least 500mm above cylinder to give proper circulation to keep the Willis heater loosing heat
  4. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber Top Contributor!!

    On a tangent, this shows how ridiculous the incentives for solar photovoltaic are. A PV array owner receives a subsidy for generating electricity, and a small amount for exporting this to the grid (deemed to be exporting 50%). Because there is no incentive to export as much of the electricity produced as possible to the grid, installers are encouraging customers to use the electricity on site, such as by heating hot water, thus evading the intent of the original legislation.

    The sad thing is that it would be better, from an environmental aspect, to release the electricity produced to the grid to be used for functions where only electricity will do, and heat the water using an efficient gas boiler, but, of course, the OP would be worse off financially were he or she to do this.
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