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  1. lankysteve

    lankysteve New Member

    I'm hoping some informed soul may be able to kindly point me in the right direction.

    - Ideal Standards toilet, though there is no obvious indication of specific model number. Photo included, if it helps.

    - Upper part of flush mechanism has sheared off, per photos.

    To my untrained eye, what I ideally need is a replacement of the series of parts in the 4th photo, i.e. from the screw thread upwards. The piece which has the screw thread has sheared off from the piece which sits on top of the cistern lid, seen in the 1st photo. The rest of it, i.e. everything seen in the 3rd photo, is still in tact.

    If this part is no longer available then whatever solution I go with would presumably need to accommodate the cistern lid sitting in between the flush "button" and the gubbins beneath it.

    I've looked on Amazon and eBay with no success. Might somebody be able to point me towards a source for this part, or perhaps even just educate me as to what the technical term is for what I need so I can ring round plumbers' merchants? 20180811_154153.jpg 20180811_154210.jpg 20180811_154226.jpg 20180811_154333.jpg 20180811_154351.jpg
  2. Rob Foster

    Rob Foster Top Contributor!!

    It’s a push button job these units are generic so wait till Monday when the real world starts again take the bits to your local friendly plumbers merchant it’s quite possible you might have to buy all off it and just use the button. cost about £20 in the mean time. Bucket of water down the pan We did do loads of McCarthy Stone retirement complex’s with this unit the siphon passes after 1 year or so but it’s an easy replacement takes 5 mins I used to buy them in by the 100,s happy days
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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  3. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

  4. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Not worth all the time involved . go to screwfix buy the equivalent fluidmaster drop valve and replace the lot .
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  5. Rob Foster

    Rob Foster Top Contributor!!

    Just out of interest the siphons go and pass water on the early ones very quickly but not usually the buttons ...we used them in pubs and even with a bashing they outlasted handles .so how old is your unit ?
  6. lankysteve

    lankysteve New Member

    Thanks rpm. They look similar although it's not clear to me from the web site image if it will be an identical fit. It's perhaps safest if I take the part to the local plumbers merchant so at least we can compare like-for-like. The responses here have been useful though, as I'm ignorant of these things and at least it sounds like I should be able to get a replacement with relatively little stress. I was half expecting to learn that this design is old-hat and that completely new innards would be needed (which may still turn out to be the case but at least this thread has pointed me in the right direction).
  7. lankysteve

    lankysteve New Member

    I actually don't know. We've been in the property for 3 years and they were in situ then. Two other toilets are however lever handles, one of which failed last year, so it may well be true that the button design is, on the whole, more robust.
  8. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

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