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  1. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Please be very aware that this is an open forum.

    Please take ALL gas related threads where you are discussing the technical and safety related repair of boilers into the Gas Safe Registered Engineers Sub Forum!

    Thank you!
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  2. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    nice one croppie
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  3. mikegas

    mikegas Plumber GSR

    Background Colour scheme or something should be different in the locked forums, I never know which of the two I'm in
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  4. villa_tom

    villa_tom Plumber GSR

    Ok mom. :)
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  5. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    mentioned this last nite in the TA forum
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  6. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    And tidy your bedroom!
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  7. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    i'll make this a sticky so it doesn't get lost down the page.
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  8. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Thanks Steve.
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  9. Orry Clayton

    Orry Clayton Plumber GSR

    be in there once my CENWAT cert comes through, been waiting a few weeks for it, so to register (not paying £12 extra within days of registering)
  10. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    Hmm! Why have a Gas Safe Registered sign by your name, if you do not advise people other than to tell them not to do anything? It is fairly obvious that if a person says they can see yellow flames in a gas fire that there is something wrong with it. I would say it is acceptable to tell them what it may be but not to touch it, the dangers involved and to call a gas safe engineer. If you give them no idea of what the fault may be, they may very well ignore it and be overcome with carbon monoxide.

    The fact that laws exist that make it illegal for certain classes of people to touch gas at all should be sufficient.
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  11. mikegas

    mikegas Plumber GSR

    Surely telling them what it might be will only increase the chances of them messing with it.
  12. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    I don't think so Mike I have usually found the opposite, many people think things are simple and easy to do, if they do not know about it, especially the DIYer. But if you explain the dangers and why it is dangerous, they seem to think again, not use what you have told them to do it. I think it perhaps underlines to them that the job they proposed to do was not as simple as they thought. And once they know the implications for them legally in doing DIY repairs they tend to think it is not worth the bother.

    The guy who has no money to repair the boiler will probably have a go regardless of whether you tell him or not.

    I mean how many people speed in a car? The speed limits on roads are set by government guys driving down them and assessing the safest fastest driving speed of them. People still speed though but knowing why it is the fastest speed often helps them be more aware and not to speed.

    One can only hope educating people to risk helps. Where as keeping them in the dark increases risk and makes gas fitters look like a secretive group wanting to keep secrets from their customers and possibly increase prices for no good reason. That helps break down the customer gas fitter relationship and it becomes customer lunch and a gas fitter shark. You do not really want that, you want repeat business not antipathy and a feeling they are being ripped off.
  13. Terry_the_piper

    Terry_the_piper GSR

    Mixed feelings guys. I go to some who have obviously messed with the boiler before I got there but claim thats how it was left by the last chap! Others are well behaved though and are happy to pay for peace of mind.
  14. Kyle87

    Kyle87 Guest

    I'm not even GSR yet. I'm training. But one of the lecturers at my college is rob munton. He's been a gas incident investigator for years. We were shown a couple of slides on a couple of cases he was on. Put it this way, people died because gas registered engineers didn't do their job right. Now if trained people can kill people through negligence, what do you think is gonna happen through DIY ignorance. Just taking the casing off some gas appliances and not putting them back right is enough to kill let alone fiddling with the workings inside.

    I'm with the mods. People's safety is paramount.
  15. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    I'm with the mods. Half the jokers coming on here just want telling how to fix it so that they can do it themselves.

    It should be sufficient to say do not touch and get a gsr engineer. If they have questions they can ask the engineer they are paying when he arrives on site.

    To be honest I wish it was the same for the oil and solid fuel.
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  16. Viper Gas

    Viper Gas Plumber GSR

    Hey guys I'll be dealing with the aweful power max 155x. Clients says it doesn't fire up for demand of hot water only...any ideas!????

    Cheers fellas.
  17. dave1

    dave1 Plumber

    Flow switch maybe? It has to heat the h/w before it will fire for c/h.
    They have two pumps, one on the left for c/h.
    I've changed quite a few of the flow switches.
    Could just of locked out for low pressure or no gas.
  18. stevetheplumber

    stevetheplumber Plumber GSR

    withholding infomation is the best way to controll the population ask hitler or stalin saying youve with held it for there own good is removing peoples choices next we will be burning the books and sending people to gas awareness camps
  19. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    To avoid accidents inform people so they can recognise the dangers. Don't inform them and they can kill through ignorance. Most of the information on this forum can be gained elsewhere if people decide to look. Not being free with advice is just silly makes gas fitters look like a secret society.
  20. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    I'm getting fed up with this.

    The forum policy is that we do not give technical advice on the installation or repair of gas boilers or the modification or installation of gas pipework to non gsr's.

    The simple explanation of don't touch you're not qualified will suffice.

    If they then find out the information elsewhere and manage to kill themselves then that's not our problem.

    If you're comfortable with giving such advice and at ease with yourself for doing a gsr out of a job then fine. Go do it. You just won't be doing it on these forums.
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  21. on31ll

    on31ll Plumber

    i couldnt care about giving advice to people and they hurt themselves. id still sleep at night but like croppie said if anything its another person that nerver calls a GSR to repair the job ! they fix one problem and when the next arises they will try and fix that ! and then there house needs a socket added here or there they will read up and do that ! then that wall under the window need skimming so they will do that ! your not only puttin yaself out of a job but a fair few other people too !
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  22. Killy Bing

    Killy Bing Plumber GSR

    I went to a house, boiler, gas cooker and flueless fire.
    Boss had to repair the boiler and service everything
    I got the fire so i went to the fire, checked it over, took it apart and alarm bells rang when a plate was missing in the flue ways.

    turned out the gas fire kept going out and the owner had read about a restricter plate causing the flame to burn out online.

    it wasnt a restrictor plate, it was the catalytic converter!

    since then I've been cagey explaining how things work to customers.

    im with the mods, general public shouldn't get technical advice on boilers, gas runs or any gas appliance.
    Im saying this and I'm not even gas safe yet!
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  23. on31ll

    on31ll Plumber

    ive been to a job before for a boiler change and went to do tightness test etc the test nipple was missing the screw !! but to cover the hole was white tack ! ive got a picture somwhere ! basically the customer had read online on how to move his bayonet cooker point over so his new range cooker would be closer to the back wall ! he lost the screw for the test nipple and used white tack ! he orederd a new screw online and when my boss said the screw missing he said "yer ive ordered another one ill try and find it, keep meaning to put it back" turns out it had been like that for a few months !

    some people are just dangerous ! and i wouldnt care if he blew himself up i really am heartless but its next door alos with there baby ! and its me and my boss who have lost out on £60 to move cooker point etc ! ill try and find the picture
  24. on31ll

    on31ll Plumber

    cant really see but the big white blob is white tack !

  25. Keefy

    Keefy Plumber

    Probably lost the test nipple.


    I lost one myself once but instead of doing whatever's happened there I called National Grid out and within 15 minutes they'd dropped a handful off for me. Was miles from any merchants so it worked out nicely.
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  26. Ramjadav

    Ramjadav Guest

    Hi.. I just started my gas safe course and got asked, why do we do standing,working and burner pressure tests??
  27. Keefy

    Keefy Plumber

    Ask them to tell you, that's what they're there for.
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  28. Ramjadav

    Ramjadav Guest

    It's a home learning course, I got asked by a family member?
  29. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    Ha Ha Ha very good, nice try, a home study gas course my foot !!! If true (& I very much doubt it) then you have been had my friend.
  30. Ramjadav

    Ramjadav Guest

    Listen I was asking for help, nit telling you to believe me I dont care to be honest I was struggling and thought someone would be able to help but guess not!!!! Fool
  31. Keefy

    Keefy Plumber

    But you said YOU had just started the gas safety course not a family member.
  32. stoker122

    stoker122 Guest

    To check pressures are correct.
  33. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Ramjadav. You've asked the same question in multiple threads. This is trolling. Don't do it.

    Consider yourself warned.

    And you'll get your questions answered if and when you go on a real ACS course. Not a mickey mouse one that is fleecing you.
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  34. JBP Heating

    JBP Heating Guest

    It always amazes me the ignorance of certain people. It seems they don't appreciate just how much hard work, time and training goes into making a good gas engineer. They think if a bloke in a van can do it then so can I! You can bet those same people wouldn't represent themselves in court instead of paying for a solicitor when they caused a gas incident. Or give themselves medical attention instead of going to a professional when they hurt themselves in that incident.

    Peoples attitudes need to change towards us blokes in vans. They probably won't though.

    Quote from a recent customer after I AR'd his unsupported flue..

    "You people don't know what safety is!" Ha Ha :D
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  35. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    Hmm! A policeman was asked if it was safe to drive along a route at 60mph he replied "I am not telling you, your not a policeman!" ridicules, but perhaps an attitude some gas fitters seem to be getting. It is sufficient to give a warning about the law that tells of the need to use a registered gas installer for gas work not to withhold information. One can read or get information about how to use a gun, it does not mean you go about shooting people. A doctor will tell you what they propose to do in an operation, it does not mean you get the knife out and have a go yourself. So with holding information is just silly. After a warning it is up to the person to be responsible themselves. This is supposedly a help forum not a secret society, how can you help people if you tell them nothing? The information is intended to help people decide in a more balanced way as to what may be wrong with their gas system not for them to attempt to fix it themselves. Nearly all the big sheds give quite detailed information sheets after first warning people. The Copper Association gives professional information. What is wrong with that? It is not doing people out of work at all. Not to give information may in fact encourage people to have a go themselves on the basis that it looks easy. The point about using professionals is about right, but how will they know there is more to gas fitting if you do not tell them? Anyway most people I feel sure would use more professionals for many things, what stops them now is cost probably, except where they are forced too use them. As a young man in the 60's contractors where used extensively by many people for all kinds of things painting and decorating their homes and so on. It was the rising wage bills and subsequent job price increases that stopped them using contractors to the extent they once did. Lets also be honest many TV programs give away information all the time promoted by the big sheds. You can go into a shed and buy a gas boiler and fittings if you want too. It is the law that stops people fitting them for a living not information. It is probably information that makes them have second thoughts about fitting when they learn how complicated and dangerous it can be. Lets be honest you can kill with a car they are dangerous but nobody stops you buying them, it is up to you to drive properly even after a test that allows you to do so.
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