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  1. Marina Vitromanovic

    Marina Vitromanovic New Member


    In August 2017 I had a Greenstar 30i Worcester Bosch combi boiler fitted. Everything has been fine until yesterday when I notice that at one of the joints on the white plastic condensate pipe there is a (slow) leak. The leak is no different whether the boiler is on or off.

    The joint is to the left of the boiler so there's nothing above it that can be leaking down onto it. The boiler still works fine and the water pressure hasn't been affected.

    The company who fitted the boiler are no longer trading, and I presume my warranty won't cover this as the issue is with the install rather than the boiler itself?

    Two other questions though - why would a pipe suddenly start leaking after 9 months? It definitely hasn't been touched or accidentally bashed.

    I've put a cup underneath the leak to catch it - is this something I need to get fixed right away or can it wait a couple of months until I get the first annual service done?


  2. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

    A picture would be good. If it's on the condensate pipe and just a slow weep I would say it's fine to leave a cup under it. Your not going to get tonnes of water from it. Probably just a glued fitting
  3. Marina Vitromanovic

    Marina Vitromanovic New Member

    Thanks - it's definitely the condensate pipe and a slow weep (only a few drops every hour, most of which evaporate quickly). I'll keep an eye on it for now and get it sorted at the service.

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