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  1. galaxy_plumbing

    galaxy_plumbing Plumber GSR

    Black mamba gloves

    Thanks to Ray I got a box of these gloves. Im impressed of the strength and they won't break that easily even when you try to take them off. Can't much compare them to classic one when you sweat and you have to replace them as couldn't take them off without tearing them apart. Box of black mamba will last me for long time ;)

    Thanks again Ray ;)
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  2. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Black Mamba Gloves.

    I stopped using gloves as I could never find any that wouldn't disintegrate when you touched anything or even before you could get them on your hands.

    The black mamba gloves are ideal, I can get them on my big hands without them falling to bits, always a bonus (although extra large might be the way to go when I replace them).
    The gloves are durable and don't shred on the first sharp thing you touch. Comfortable enough, I had a pair on for half a day yesterday with no issues.
    I've passed out a few pairs to some of the lads I know and they all like them as well.

    So it's a big thumbs up for the gloves and thanks to Ray for the box of gloves, jelly tots (yum) and the brochure.
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  3. villa_tom

    villa_tom Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread


    Today I gave the van a good going over and full clean, changed tyre covers and checked oil, tyre pressues etc etc. I normally wear Traffi gloves when I work and even when I clean the van. But today, as Ray gave me some free Black Mamba gloves, I tested these out.

    image (1).jpg

    On first impressions they feel like a quality gloves and I personally think they look alot better than the horrible blue ones we are used to, the only problem I had with these at first was the size, I have the hands of a twelve year old and these where too big :-( but that can be sorted if I where to purchase a smaller size.

    I like these gloves to be honest and they lasted the whole time I cleaned the van and sorted everything else out (4 1/2 hours) and I very much doubt the blue type would have lasted.

    My only two gripes are

    The name - I used to work with a jamican bloke, who called his willy "the black mamba" and I couldnt get this out of my head when looking at the box, but this is not really a fault with the glove, its just me and my thoughts :-(

    The smell - they have made my hands absolutey stink, its the one of the worst smells Ive ever smelt, its rank (ive got a bath running now)

    But I will definately use them again, I would probably just put some talc on my hands before hand to stop the smell


    Overall I think they are a vast, vast improvement of what Ive used before and they will have their use, so Ive stuck them on the van.

    Day to day, I will still use my cotton style Traffi gloves, but I can see myself using these for mucky/wet type jobs like cleaning magnacleans or adding fire cement on flues.

    Thanks again to Ray for the freebie and the jammie dodges and the nice letter with the package


    Tom :p
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  4. anz

    anz Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Black Mamba Gloves Review:

    I've been using gloves now for almost two years, day in day out whilst working. I had just run out of my usual gloves when Ray posted this freebie, so it was perfect timing for me.

    I've tried a mixture of different types of gloves, some being too thick and poor quality. Whilst others that I've tried fit perfectly and are actually like a second skin, so once used to them you don't even realise you've got them on.

    When I first tried to put these on, I couldn't even get them on to my hands. I had to stretch them a bit to get them to fit. But once on they were OK.

    I can see that they're stronger than the usual disposable glove, so I thought they should manage to survive the day replacing a heating system. Unfortunately though within an hour of using them, they were torn in areas. I had to resort back to using one of my old pairs.

    I can see me using these when doing 'wet work' so that I can dispose of them when wet, instead of working with a glove that is soaked.

    I will also keep them for boiler repairs, for when you get more tiny fiddly things.

    The gloves that I use at the moment are: Tornado Contour Avenger

    I like these mainly because whilst still being strong, you can feel what your doing.

    Thanks Ray for the sample, I'll continue to use the rest you sent. Although at the moment I'm not sure if I would buy any more myself.

    Jammie Dodgers Review

    Yummmy! They were nice.

    Thank You.
  5. anz

    anz Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Attached are images of the state of the gloves roughly an hour and a half after normal use. (Installing)

    View attachment 13397

    Not quite as tear resistant as stated.
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  6. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    black mamba gloves.

    after trying these out over the past week or two, these are my findings.

    definately stronger than other latex gloves.
    they protect your hands while still allowing the feel and dexterity that fingers alone have. however i found that when completing similar tasks sometimes they lasted a lot longer than other times and also a glove straight from the box ripped in two just by trying to put it on
    therefore i can only assume that something within the manufacturing process is affecting the consistency of quality.

    over all the good strong ones are ideal for the job but a good few within the box dont seem to be up to that standard. hopefully the manufacturer can address this because i would buy them if i knew they were all going to be at the upper end of the quality spectrum.
  7. stoker122

    stoker122 Guest

    Williams & Co product review thread

    I have used these gloves in several situations over the past few weeks.
    At first I used them for servicing, they were fine, better than any previous gloves I've used. Once taken off though I could not get them back on.
    I then used them for servicing a couple of concealed cisterns and after catching them a couple of times on the metal studwork around them, thought they had ripped, but they hadn't.
    I wore a pair fitting a boiler and running new pipework in.
    I went through several pairs as holes were ripped in them and finger tips ripped off (I saved these for the apprentices Friday night out),
    If Ray is stocking them I will try an extra large glove before dismissing them as they stopped all the nicks and cuts usually picked up in a day and I think they broke because they are tight.
  8. Masood

    Masood Guest

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Black Mamba glove review

    I have waited a while before reviewing these gloves as I wanted to use them on a number of different jobs before commenting.

    First job was stripping down scrap, including stripping a couple of boilers, some sheet metal, taking seized brass fittings off copper, etc. The gloves proved to be much tougher than I had thought, and lasted for hours. Even when, a couple of times I thought I'd nicked them, they were intact.

    Second job, hanging rads and altering pipework. Again, the gloves stood up to a full day's use, including taking them off to eat and putting the same pair back on (in the interests of testing, not because I'm tight!) :) The fit is tight enough to allow really good feel, and despite their strength they are thin enough to allow handling small screws, rawlplugs, etc.

    Third job, running pipework all day - 22mm copper, lots of cutting, bending, soldering. Again, the "feel" is just like bare hands, and they prevented burns from splattering flux whilst soldering overhead.

    Final job - boiler service. No impairment to dexterity and feel.

    All in all, I highly recommend these gloves - I am not a fan of gloves in general, as I don't like to lose feel and dexterity but these have made me a convert.

    A massive thank you to Ray for the sample, and for the customer service that went way beyond the call of duty!

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  9. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Black Mamba gloves.
    I have never used gloves before except thick gardening gloves when bashing tiles or doing something where I'd expect cuts without gloves.
    Needless to say, after a normal day my hands usually have some fresh scratches, stains and the occasional solder burn.
    I kept forgetting to use them and they stayed in the box up until a couple of weeks ago. I was using expanding foam and remembered the gloves so put them on and was impressed with them. I was expecting to really know I was wearing gloves, but they didn't really restrict or impair noticably at all. Also as mentioned above they still allow a good sense of touchy feely through them.
    After using expanding foam I usually have the job of getting the horrible stuff off my fingers/hands but this time I just took the gloves off - job done.
    Since the expanding foam tester I have started to use them in unsanitary conditions and they are excellent. They grip well and don't easily tear in the situations I've used them in.
    You know those jobs where after completion you are very aware that your hands are minging and even if you wash them you won't touch food or your face until you've given them a proper good scrub - well gloves are my new way forward, I have no idea why it's took this long to see the light ;)

    Would I buy these? - Yes, when these are gone I'll be finding my nearest stockist.
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  10. Killy Bing

    Killy Bing Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Ray hasn't mentioned it yet but he does now stock these, give him a pm if you're outa the range of his branches :D
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  11. Ray Stafford

    Ray Stafford Guest

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    ...but only if you are trade. Members of the general public can buy them directly from the black mamba website.

  12. gassafe

    gassafe Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    I just ordered a free sample from black mamba website! Shall see what there like, I do like work gloves...
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