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  1. Stigster

    Stigster Plumber

    I found that out the hard way when I was a 2nd year apprentice on my first shower replacement job. I piped up an exposed shower valve with nice neat chrome copper drops from the loft and used a couple of Tectite elbows up there without realising I needed to file away the plating. Already nervous as it was one of my first unsupervised jobs, I turned the supplies back on and they both blew off immediately. Water damage fortunately limited to the ceiling above the shower enclosure.

    I was very grateful they went immediately instead of later that night at least. Lesson learned the hard way, as always.
  2. S.P.S.

    S.P.S. GSR

    I would guess it’s down to the playing being harder than copper so the teeth can’t dig in.
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