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  1. Ray Stafford

    Ray Stafford Guest

    For those of you receiving Altecnic Dirtmag IQ filters to review - please add your review here.



    REDSAW Guest

    thanks ray,
    first thought on the outside, i like the design and size (compact) but, as an injionear, i stripped it apart and thought it was one of those 'blue peter' designs!!
    seen bigger magnets on my tin opener (one for improvement me thinks!) & the filter might be better using a sponge like gauze. like the price though although i did sell it at £85.:hand:

    i did not like the way the brass drain-off valve rocked from side to side when undoing the valve with a screwdriver. it gave me thoughts of future failure!.
    i also had no choice but to mount the filter at a 25deg angle due to the available pipes but the instructions did not clearly say plumb-bob verticle either? however, it seems to be ok.

    one point to mention is the brass iso valves were of the insert compression type and not a flat flange like tf1's etc, which made it very awkward to get onto the restricted pipework.

    in all. not bad for the price but it could be improved a lot in practicle design/parts aspect for little if any extra costs!.

    martin reporting from the east [email protected]&
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  3. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    ive fitted a couple, they are not great. the salus one is alot better for simular money.
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