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  1. cable_guy

    cable_guy Member


    • I've a traditional, non combi boiler. (with a hot water tank)
    • I've an immersion heater.
    • I've no central heating thermostat.
    • I have a manual thermostat attached on the boiler which I suspect is the water temperature but i'm not sure
    How much of a task is it to install a brand new smart thermostat (for the central heating)? Is it even possible?

    (Disclaimer I am not a plumber, I am a customer who knows nothing about plumbing)
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    Do you have a programmer? (Timings for your hot water/heating)

    Do you have zone valves/mid position valve?

    A picture of your cyclinder cupboard may answer this if you're unsure.

    If you have these it wouldn't be much of a task, a lot of wireless options available nowadays
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