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  1. pault123

    pault123 Member

    I've got a situation where there is a soil pipe passing through a bathroom and turning 90 degrees through the wall to a pan in an adjacent en-suite shower room.
    The client wants to put a close coupled wc in the bathroom on the same wall that the soil runs along and connect it into the existing soil pipe.
    If I put a branch and straight pan connector in this will throw the cistern off the wall.
    Does anybody make a soil branch where the centre connection is a pan connector rather than a 110mm socket?
    Or any other bright ideas short of creating a box behind the cistern.
  2. Chester

    Chester Member

    Is the pipework boxed in?
  3. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    I would find a pan that has the outlet further off the wall.
    We did some pans recently, that were P/Trap pans that could be turned into S/Trap pans with a gooseneck adaptor,
    From memory, when using pans as P/Trap the distance off the wall to the pan outlet was either 250mm of 270mm.
    Might save you some trouble and finding a close coupled pan that suits the installation
  4. pault123

    pault123 Member

    oz Thanks. I'll get the client to ask his supplier if they can supply something with the outlet further away. Don't suppose you remember the manufacturers do you?

    Chester At the moment the soil is behind a bath, but will be exposed when the bath is moved to the other side of the room. It will have to be boxed in and tiled on completion.
  5. Chester

    Chester Member

    if its cheap some of them don't leave a lot of room behind the pan, I've had trouble getting space saving connectors on, so with a tee there's probably no chance. maybe a back to wall type would be easier/more space, and still look nice, just a thought.
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