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  1. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Crikey maud, it must be good.

    I heard that’s how copper wire was invented.
    Two Yorkshire men fighting over a penny.
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  2. Bibbs118

    Bibbs118 GSR

    Yes, I seen one in the merchants months ago, it did look like it was quality.
  3. dmph

    dmph GSR

    I had the region one and loved it. Got it for free from merchants when I'd put a big order in. Fluid was about 12 quid but only had to replace twice in 8/9 years. I list mind just before Xmas and am back to a monument £15 one, it breaks my heart every time I have to a tightness test:(:(:(
  4. Inverness

    Inverness Plumber GSR

    Get it I have itand the fluid never gets cloudy and never loses fluid. Pay what you get! Plus it looks good
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