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  1. Robin Gibbons

    Robin Gibbons New Member

    I have an oil fired Mark I 480K which has served us well until now. Symptoms were - cooker photocell regularly melting; oil soot smuts getting into ovens (and Kitchen) overheating lock out. Engineer came and removed hot plate - about 20mm of soot inside. Cleaned out flueways, oven cavities, and baffles but unsure as to cause of problem. During cleaning he dislodged one of the rigid insulation pads in the area of the oven side wall/oven burner cavity and bits came out; he reckons this was damaged before and is probably the cause of the sooting. AFAIK these are NLA from AgaRayburn and even if they were removal/refitting looks like a major dismantling job. I am thinking of fitting a ceramic insulation mat in its place (slightly flexible so may be able to fold it to get in in place) but have no idea as to the position/coverage/shape of the original as the existing is so damaged. Can anyone point me to a reliable diagram that shows the insulation pad set up?

    Wife spent 6 hours cleaning kitchen after engineer left, so keen to get it sorted and back in her good books.


  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Hello Robin,

    There aren't many of oil guys on the forum anymore, - and few of us do oil work on ranges.
    @SimonG@SimonG might be able to advise you, but it sounds like your engineer has been puzzled and probably best you get it sorted by an oil service person.
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  3. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    The only advice I have is get your engineer to speak to heating world of spares. They do insulation boards you can cut to size.
    I don't do ranges or stoves anymore. Not worth the hassle.
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