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  1. Ulsinus

    Ulsinus Member

    My WC is a Grohe adagio side entry concealed cistern.

    This is operated by a push-button air bellows.

    Recently water continued to spill into the pan after a flush.

    The water level in the cistern shuts-off at the correct level.

    I replaced the Grohe DAL discharge piston.

    The problem remained.

    I removed the new discharge piston from the valve assembly and placed in in position at the bottom of the cistern.

    Partially filled the cistern and the discharge piston seal did not leak ie no flow of water into the pan.

    Refitted the discharge piston to the flush valve assembly.

    Flushed the toilet a number of times.

    Sometimes the valve operated correctly ie no overflow into pan. Other times discharge didn't seal properly ie water over flows into pan.

    I'd be interested to know if anyone else has come across this problem and, if so, how did they solve it.
  2. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Quite likely lifting mechanism is scaled and sticks partially open. You could drop a bottle of descaler in the cistern overnight
  3. Ulsinus

    Ulsinus Member

    Thx Riley.
    What do you mean when you refer to 'lifting mechanism'?
  4. tigger1

    tigger1 New Member

    As Riley says, could be scaled or for some reason sticking. May be best to replace it. How old isit?
  5. Ulsinus

    Ulsinus Member

    Just over five years. It's a downstairs toilet and is not used very often.
  6. tigger1

    tigger1 New Member

    In that case open it up, try giving it a clean. Worse case scenario replace it.
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