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  1. AlpineGirl

    AlpineGirl New Member

    Can anyone advise how this is fitted? Had a leak from here and decided to try replacing the washer with a new one - although leaks on both occasions seem to be coming from the gap left in the plastic clip on the bottom.

    Just want to ensure i have fitted the rubber seal correctly although from what i have read so far i have. (Havent been able to find any official instructions to download for this online at all)

  2. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Haven`t done one for awhile, that said put your header title in the little search box (Top R/H corner) and I feel sure you will find the answer.
  3. AlpineGirl

    AlpineGirl New Member

    Have done and spent lots of time researching before posting. Only found one thread on here asking how to remove the washer and clip, can't find any threads at all that specify how to actually install it into the cistern, most seem to have screw on clips rather than this poor design. Tempted to just get a new cistern at this rate
  4. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Ah sorry, all mating faces clean? And did you reuse or replace the rubber ring & plastic clip, only ask as the clip is easily damaged when removed.
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  5. AlpineGirl

    AlpineGirl New Member

    Thanks, Yeah everything clean, replaced both the ring and the clip. Water still drips down where the gap in the clip is when flushing. Wondering if i have fitted the ring part wrong
  6. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Does the clip fit into a groove to hold it in place and under pressure on yours?
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  7. Malcolm Daniels

    Malcolm Daniels New Member

    We have just successfully done this, with the help of an earlier thread. Question from rpm is valid, we had removed our cistern so been able to take a good look at all its bits. Replaced parts (genuine Geberit from PlumbinBits), & put them in exactly as the old ones had come off. Push white pipe in as far as it goes, the fat black 'washer' in - the writing side facing up towards the cistern & the clip pushed in after it, tallest edge facing up towards the cistern, it then sits in a groove there, located just inside the lip of the fixed 'down' part. Makes no difference that there is a small gap in the clip, only to aid getting it off I presume. All carefully done identically to the picture you have here. We have NO leaks.

    We don't have a brace on the flush pipe because the elbow is too close. Discovered some weird thing with the installation of the cistern, which I won't explain, but it allowed far too much 'play' when you put even the lightest pressure against the lower half of it. Felt that may be compromising the flush seal when the toilet is pushed back, so we ensured the cistern was hanging properly straight down, & I reached in to hold it from being pushed backwards as best I could while the toilet was pushed into place.

    We're on our 2nd toilet now, same leak problem. Hopefully we'll have the same result. 3rd one has the faintest sign of 'dribbling' starting in the pan, but confident we can sort that if it gets worse. Suffice to say we will eventually dump these Geberits should they start leaking again.

    No idea why I joined this site with my husband's name, I'm finding all the solutions to problems & doing half the fitting!
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    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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