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  1. gadgetbazza

    gadgetbazza New Member

    I currently have an en-suite with an estat 761 thermostat controlling electric underfloor heating which seems to have failed (works for about 30 seconds before rebooting itself, giving me just enough time to set the date and time!).

    I'm looking for any input as to wether this is a stat issue or a problem with the heated floor itself? Is there a way to test this, perhaps checking resistance?

    I'm hoping to put a heat miser neo e underfloor heating stat instead but was wondering if the temperature probe would be interchangeable as the current one is obviously already in situ. Does anyone have any experience with this? Obviously don't want to change the stat out if the floor is broken anyhow.


  2. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    You will need yo disconnect the thermostat and test the resistance through the element wires. The manufacturer will have the correct readings for you. If you want to change yo a neo stat, it will need to be a thermostat with compatible resistance to thiers. If you tell Heatmiser what your manufacturer is, they should tell you if it is comparable. (Tbh most are)
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  3. gadgetbazza

    gadgetbazza New Member

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Tricky thing is, I've only moved into this property recently and the floor was already down, so no idea how I will tell what the manufacturer is. I'll see if I can get some readings anyhow and post them to see if there are any views.
  4. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    Basically, if you get a dead short it's kaput!
  5. Uheat – Wojtek

    Uheat – Wojtek Sponsor

    Hi there,

    I've just checked it and it's an Aube thermostat (they brand them differently for some companies hence yours is called Estat).

    Floor sensor resistance should be 10k Ohm @ 25 deg C. If temperature will be lower resistance will go up.

    Please check your floor sensor resistance with Multimiter and if it's going to be close to the figure above then the floor sensor is fine.
    Heatmiser floor sensor resistance is exactly the same so you will be ok to swap the controllers without replacing the floor sensors (as long as the exsiting one isn't faulty).

    I can supply Neostat for £66.79 incl VAt (including your 5% forus discount).

    Thank you.
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