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  1. adrianfs1

    adrianfs1 Guest

    hi guys, just come in from a frozen split pipe repair, or should i say a defrosted split pipe repair. anyway was there for about 45 mins and charged my average call out of £45 for the first hour, the custard went mad and said i am charging what i want because of the freeze.
    i replied that is my usual, he paid reluctantly. can anyone up north ie Yorkshire shed any info, am i charging to much.
  2. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    custard is un realistic he could not fix it himself so called you he should be grateful you sorted it out
  3. so-solar

    so-solar Plumber GSR

    I charge £30 quid call out and £30 an hour, My bill would of been at least £60! i am in the midlands!
  4. Puddle

    Puddle Plumber

    As said,you are charging a very fair rate adrian,just a pitty your customer does not realise.makes you feel a bit peeved,when he tells the folks down the pub later he will be put in his place,he probably thinks it should still be 3 an 6'
    But as said nothing wrong with your rates,quite fair,most would be pleased
  5. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    I did one in an hour. Asked for £45 and was given £50.

    Did another and helped with the clean up lending wet vacuum and then got the heating to work (which it wasn't!) - 3 hours £75 - that job started at nearly 5pm (I was phoned at 4:45pm and left the customer's house at just before 8pm).
  6. Henno82

    Henno82 Guest

    Thats customer service for you DKIT, i bet your customer was very happy indeed
  7. plumbandplumber

    plumbandplumber Member

    I'm only a Southern softie, but it probably comes down to Yorkshiremen and their carefulness with their brass :)
  8. adrianfs1

    adrianfs1 Guest

    Thanks guys, i now feel a bit better, but it gets my back up when people complain, what time do they finish work? 5.00pm i bet, well ive been at it today since 6.15am no diner just to and from custards houses HELPING them out of the s***, to be called out after working hours deserves a little extra does it not, anyway enough complaining, got paid, hope you all keeping busy.
  9. northstar

    northstar Plumber

    Sounds like value for money from dontknowitall 3 hours £75
  10. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    I hope so. I do these rates for the village (and "my" electrician) also has low rates for the village. During this pipe burst I called him and he was there in 10 minutes to make something safe. He stayed for about 15 minutes and asked how much he should charge. He suggested £10. I said, "It's Christmas - make it £15!!

    It was an elderly person who'd phoned her daughter/niece(?) to help as water had come through the ceiling into the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom and sitting room - it was a real mess for the poor things as she couldn't find the stop tap.

    I don't think they'd realised the heating wasn't working (hence the pipe freeze). It took ages to fiddle with the TRVs and bleeding to get it going.

    Hopefully I'll get the boiler service in due course.
  11. Blackcatgas

    Blackcatgas Plumber GSR

    A very fair price.
  12. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    you should have charged more Adrian in this custards case build in a 10% prat allowance
  13. fixter1

    fixter1 Guest

    im near whitby did a few today boiler condesate was connected in with the waste pipe, it had frozen solid on the outside wall and backed the sink up and shut the boiler down took me 2 hours to strip down and defrost and charged £75 he was more than happy to pay just to have his heating and hot water back
  14. obseen16

    obseen16 Plumber GSR

    if the custards complain at £45 for repairing a burst you should say well ill put it back how it was for £30 if youd prefer! haha watch their faces drop.
  15. Philgo

    Philgo Guest

    I'm not a plumber just a diyer.

    Now I could have probably fixed that myself, but if I couldn't I would have thought that was a bargain and I would probably given you extra.

    I suppose the best way to stop things like this happening is to give the custards some idea of costs before you start.
  16. REDSAW

    REDSAW Guest

    well i feel ashamed now!.

    went to a manor house the other day to fix a burst in loft and defrost 23meters of cws.
    with the tip it was £200.

    better lower my rates
  17. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    nah,mansions 50% more LOL
  18. tackleburger

    tackleburger Plumber

    I charge £45 upto one hour the £35 per hour theafter all include VAT. After 6pm that goes up to 75 and 40 and after 10pm it is 125 and 60. rarely out after 10 the last time the t**t never paid.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 23, 2010
  19. Henno82

    Henno82 Guest

    i should imagine you would mate
  20. PlumbingSucks

    PlumbingSucks Guest

    i wnet to a lady who had four radiators not working and she had been told she needed a power flush! Arranged to go round at 2 30. Me and my mate were there at 2.30 she arrives at 2.50. Quick check and find trv's stuck down, freed them up vented system spent another 20mins finding filling loop in loft to top up pressure. Waited to check rad were all ok and vented. Was there about an hour. She says how much i say £50 she says no £30 thats all ive got on me and im only going to give you that because theres two of you!! Turned out she didn't have any money and had to follow her to cash point. Explained that i saved you £ 250+ on a needless powerflush. She didn't care and still gave me £30. i said don't bother calling again and she said why?. Plus i turned two rads of on the lockshield just before leaving. The cheek of some people is unreal.
  21. mkflow

    mkflow Guest

    burst water mains leak at 11 at night. there 3 hours replaced pipework that split, hoovered up charged £100.00 and got £10 tip
  22. PlumbingSucks

    PlumbingSucks Guest

    i should think u got a tip for that. I hope they appreciated your effort and price
  23. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    Is that 11pm to 2am? Cos that would have been £150 if I'd stayed for that. Would have offered to return next day for your price (just turning water off at 11pm). At least you got a tip on that. Hope you've got yourself a new customer and some recommendations out of that one!!
  24. Henno82

    Henno82 Guest

    It's a real pain when you get customers like that, sadly i had one who refused to pay me after fitting his radiator and downstairs pan and cistern saying that the money i had qouted was based on the job taking 2 -3 hours having not seen the job and explained that it sometimes isn't as easy as a straight swap but i did it 1 hour and he felt i should charge less!! so i told him to bugger off walked out , if i had stayed i might have been tempted to damage either him or his home!
  25. mkflow

    mkflow Guest

    yeah 11 at night til 2 in morning got in about 230.
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