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Discuss Changing 2 zone heating back to a single thermostat? in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. Go3asy

    Go3asy New Member

    We bought a new build a few years ago which I think at the time regulation said heating must be in 2 zones which I believe is no longer the case. It’s a small property 3 bed semi and has a very open plan design so it really didn’t need it. On top of that the stat in the mater bedroom upstairs also controls the down stairs kitchen, hall and bathroom. The kitchen is off the lounge and again open so when heat rises and switches off the room stat kitchen is freezing .. anyway there’s 2 2 way valves in the cupboard upstairs and combi boiler is down in the kitchen. Is it easy enough to just have the 1 stat which is centrally located on the bottom of our stairs control both zone valves to essentially make the system work as a single zone?
  2. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    2 zone regs still apply today probably when your house was built it was relatively a new reg but yes it is easy to configure it to be controlled of one stat
  3. Go3asy

    Go3asy New Member

    Ah ok I read somewhere it was changed back in 2015 which is when it house was built. It seems a daft idea in a reasonable sized semi specially when the upstairs stat/zone feeds downstairs rads. Having a nest stat installed tomorrow so going to have it in the central location at our stairs / lounge where one of the stars are and have that control the lot. The stat in our bedroom is behind the door as well which probably doesn’t help.

    I take it a wire would just run off the first valve to Ho pen the 2nd at the same time so heats going to all rads?
  4. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    If the person who is fitting it knows what they are doing it’s easy.
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