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Discuss Advice needed for thermal store to radiator supply in the Renewable Energy area at

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  1. SkyeDIYplumbing

    SkyeDIYplumbing New Member

    Hello all,

    Newbie here. I'm looking for some advice on how to stop the current problem I have on a recently installed pellet/thermal store system.

    What is happening is, if the trianco boiler fails to fire up and trips/logs an error code, until noticed and then cleaned out.
    In the mean time the timer/thermostat for the radiator heating has come on to its set 18C, it then basically drains all the heat out of the thermal store thus results in a very long period of time waiting for the store to reheat once the boiler is restarted.
    Therefore is there a way of fitting something thermostatic near the pump/motorised valve so that if the water temp falls below eg 45C the pump and valve will be closed off to stop any more heat being drained until boiler is restarted?

    thanks in advance.

  2. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Get the installer back.
  3. SkyeDIYplumbing

    SkyeDIYplumbing New Member

    Thanks but not possible. Which is why I am asking the advice. ��
  4. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    The reason you need to get the installer back is because you are not dealing with the root cause, neither are you qualified or competent to attempt to deal with it.

    If you can't get the installer back, for whatever reason, then you'll need to contact someone who is both competent and qualified.
  5. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    There's a major part of the problem,

    They are a badge engineered version of a bottom end product.

    The real answer is - as per Simon's response - get the installer back to fix what is going wrong with the boiler - or is it user?

    To answer your question, this is incredibly simple heating stuff - a pipe stat would do what you want. But it's fixing the symptom, not the problem

    Also if the buffer (i'm presuming it isn't actually a thermal store with a DHW coil - or is it?) had been installed in parallel instead of series, with a load controller, then you could have instant heat to the heating system. A good, proper, thermal store will baffles and load control will effectively prioritise DHW over heating. - Which would you rather be without?

    However as your opening statement says
    I would be astonished if anyone installing those had the skills to understand what I've just written.

    RANT OVER (We're spending too much time fixing carp installs by third parties atm...)
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    Last edited: Feb 15, 2017
  6. SkyeDIYplumbing

    SkyeDIYplumbing New Member

    ?? Perhaps some people should keep their opinions to themselves when they have nothing sensible to add without insulting someone! ��
  7. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Ignorant moron who thinks the forum rules don't apply to him.
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