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  1. ChrisN

    ChrisN New Member

    Hi all, my name is Chris and I have just taken the decision to train part time for a NVQ level 2&3 in plumbing. I'm told the course touches also on electronic installations like power showers etc and also on the use of gas in a boiler though I believe Corgi certification is separate. Window shopping at the moment for sorting my own tool set, any advice apriciated on that. I'm looking to get myself out there doing the simpler jobs as soon as I'm able, the course covers how to work out costing and etc so here's hoping it gets my life on track. Also congratulations if you was able to read this far without succumbing to boredom. :)
  2. kris

    kris Trusted Plumber GSR

    Hi chris and welcome ,,,,,,They dont do corgi anymore its Gassafe now whos the governing body,, dont rush into tools until you get your courses started and they will keep u right, just remember its not as simple as doing a course and boom your a plumber as experience is everything so see if you can become a plumbers mate at weekends or similar to gain a wee bit experience so u can identify whats being taught on the courses , otherwise its hard ,
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  3. Silvana Maccari

    Silvana Maccari New Member

    I have changed my career in last year. I think everybody should have this opportunity and courage to be what he want to be. I don't regret. My family didn't support me when they heard I wish to be a plumber. But I want to do what I love.
  4. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR

    Mine weren't that supportive of my career change either to be honest. They're a lot happier with it now they know how much you can earn from it!

    I think there's a bit of snobbery in society about tradespeople. Personally, I don't care. We all come into the world the same way and go out the same way!
  5. Silvana Maccari

    Silvana Maccari New Member

    Yes, there's a bit of snobbery in society. But like you I don't care anymore.
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  6. Michael Conway

    Michael Conway New Member

    Hello there, I am also thinking about making a career change and it is great to find other people, who are on the same page and have successfully done so even if it is a bit later in life.

    I am so happy for women like you, who pursue their dreams!

    I just wanted to say good luck to everyone!

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  7. Pitty

    Pitty GSR

    I was a late career changer too at @30
    I've now been gas safe registered for nearly 3 years and haven't looked back.
    Do it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
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  8. Josh6695

    Josh6695 New Member

    I've also started a plumbing course at the age of 28, studying at home. The course is good but no amount of plumbing textbooks can substitute for hands on experience. I would love to take a job as a plumbers mate but it's seems to me that plumbers are only looking for experience mates.
  9. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    That`s because people pay & train you then when you think you know it all you walk.
  10. Josh6695

    Josh6695 New Member

    Ahh but surely it's mutually beneficial. You get the assistance you need and they learn trade skills. Or have I missed something? I mean wouldn't an experienced plumbers mate be more inclined to walk since they no more?
  11. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    It may be beneficial in the long term, but definitely not short term. Taking a hit in productivity, double checking all the work etc.

    Too much hassle when I have my own bills to pay.
  12. Josh6695

    Josh6695 New Member

    Fair enough. I suppose not everyone has the time to be baby sitting the new guy... I figured I'd mess about with the plumbing in my house. It's not the same but it's a start.
  13. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR

    From my experience, even the best apprentice will take about 6 months before they start becoming useful, I.E making you more productive than you would be on your own.

    The sad fact of life is that small business owners who work on their own need to earn a lot of cash each day to make their plumbing businesses viable and aren't enough incentives out there to make it worthwhile them taking someone on.
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  14. Josh6695

    Josh6695 New Member

    Wow 6 months. Do you reckon working for no pay would be incentive enough to take on an apprentice?

    I would happily give up 1 day a week to learn on the job, but would your typical plumber consider that worth the trouble?

    I wish I could give up more time but I already work two jobs and have my two little girls to worry about.
  15. Ess88

    Ess88 New Member

    I'm in the same boat. Currently studying for nvq level 2. Trying to gain work experience in and around my current job. Working weekends ect... the way I see it if your asking someone to show you the ropes and you know next to fa, you shouldn't be expecting to get paid. End of the day they are helping you out! Once I'm qualified and upto speed then id be looking to work for someone else. Anyone else taken this route?
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