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  • A bit of advice please. I have a Grant vortex eco 26 oil fired boiler with a riello RDB 2.2 burner on a gravity fed system. If it hasn't been used for a day or two, when it tries to fire up the fan starts and a few seconds later you can hear it attempt […]
  • Hi all – apologies in advance for the essay. Posted a week or two ago about a botched shower job and had some really helpful replies (tray installed too far back so enclosure is too big for tray and overhangs it; plasterboard also sitting on top of tray rather than tray being butted to boards […]
  • Hey guys! I was wondering if I might be able to ask a question about the thermostat – Siemens RDH10RF? When I set it to say 21c it's not going off and calling for heating until it reaches 22..the heating climbs to 21.5 and seems to cut at 22, when the house is boiling . […]
  • Any ideas why the pressure relief valve on my water heater has two outlets? Is one inflow and one outflow?
  • Hi all, I've got a British Gas 330+ Heat only boiler and it displayed an F25 error (lack of water iirc) on Sunday. I read the manual and bled the radiators (1 rad had quite a bit of air) and topped the system up a little and sure enough I could then hear water flowing […]