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Discuss Worcester Heatslave 15/19 combi not firing in the Central Heating Forum area at

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  1. HHP Ed

    HHP Ed Guest

    Hi guys went to a Worcester heatslave 15/19 combi today. The boiler wont fire at all on either hot water or heating. there is power to the pcb and the boiler isnt locking out at all, it wont go through its firing sequence. Seemed to have power to everything apart from the burner. Pump and flow switch ran etc. Im new to this fault finding so be gentle please.
    Im sure its staring me in the face, any ideas much appreciated
  2. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Did you check high limit stat?
  3. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    Secondly, get yourself on to a one day Worcester course where they'll teach you how to diagnose faults and give you really helpful handouts.

    Firstly though .

    Difficult to pin point it without more information (a little like phoning the AA and saying "My car won't work"!) When you next post it would be helpful to know which burner it is but I'll assume it's a Riello (but which model?).

    Initially you should check electricity is going to the burner so if the motor and fan are functioning then it is. Next you should check for the oil supply - is there enough in the tank? If it's around 1/4 to 1/3 full there may not be enough oil so you need to open the port where you connect the oil gauge and see if oil comes out. If it doesn't then you need to sort this out i.e. if tank low on oil and no oil comes out of oil line at the boiler then you need to get customer to order more oil then return to bleed it if necessary.

    Rather than writing up a whole manual here I'll wait for a response!
  4. HHP Ed

    HHP Ed Guest

    Dontknowitall. there was plently of oil in the tank and it was coming out at the burner. I will have a look again at what burner it is to give you more information. There was no electricity going to the burner at all, so no fan or motor running. But there was electricity coming into the boiler so the pcb has power and it is recognising it has a demand for hot water/heating. So would that be a fault with the pcb? SimonG i checked the high limit stat and it was fine it hadnt tripped.
  5. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    I mis-interpreted (or more likely mis-read!) your question.

    Oh blimey . electrics!! Never easy to know where to start but it could be the boiler's totally fine but is not receiving a signal from the central heating system. Hope you have a multimeter to hand.

    My first port of call would be to check the incoming live, earth and neutral on the boiler (remove cover at the top.) Check the heating/hot water is calling for heat then check there's 240v at the boiler. If no voltage then you'll need to look at the central heating wiring, especially the wiring centre. If there is 240v at the boiler then you'll need check for a voltage at the burner - can't remember if it's 240v or 50v (in my book in the van) and I'll go from there.

    If you can respond telling me whether there's 240v at the boiler or not it will save me typing many "If it's this" and "If it's that" stuff out!!
  6. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    What burner did it have? Might seem a silly question but was the burner lead pushed all the way home, I had one last year that the plug had moved out slightly.
  7. kimbo

    kimbo Guest

    I think you will find it is a B9, nice little burners I agree with simon g check the pin connector , be carefull because the plastic always falls apart.
    Is the store stat satisfied?. As it relies on a 3 port valve which defaults to hot water the motor may have gone in it. I think we need to know whether you have sufficient hot water in the store or not.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2011
  8. Balmeadie

    Balmeadie New Member

    Hi HHP Ed,
    Did you ever get to the bottom of the burner not firing up? Ive got exactly the same problem and can't figure out what to do next!!
  9. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    He got an oftec guy in.

    Saved money in the long run.
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  1. worcester heatslave 15/19 not fireing

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  • Users found this page by searching for:

    1. worcester heatslave 15/19 not fireing

    2. after water off heatslave 15/19 boiler wont restart

    3. after water turned of how to restart a heatslave 15/19