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Discuss Vaillant ecotec plus 615 flame detection error f.27 in the Gas Safe Register Forum - Public Forum area at

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  1. Tim123

    Tim123 Guest

    About a week ago I switched off the power to our boiler in order to plaster around some sockets. After a few hours the power went back on but the boiler has not worked since.

    I first saw that the water pressure was at zero, so I topped up using the filling loop. Then I saw that the boiler displayed a f.27 error. This is a Flame detection error.

    I pressed the reset button and the boiler fan spun and then failed to ignite and displaying f.27 again.

    Shortly afterwards I came back to the boiler to find 2 puddles under the boiler. Some drips were coming from the underside of the boiler.

    Today a boiler repair chap came over. He confirmed the gas supply is ok, there is a good mains power supply to the unit. Plus some other tests that I didn't see. He confirmed that no there is no ignition spark.

    He rang up vaillant who said it was either a faulty flame detector or faulty pcb. They said of he enplugged the flame detector from the pcb then the unit would try to ignite 3 times and then show a different error code. If this did not happen then the pcb may be at fault.

    He then verified this info with another call to vaillant. They also said it was the flame detector or pcb, but unlike the previous advice they said the only way to test was to replace the parts.

    I paid the chap for 90 mins of his time and went to buy a new flame detector. Got it fitted, but same problem happens.

    So next thing to try according to vaillant is the pcb costing £140 for the parts plus labour.

    Just wondering if someone can give a second opinion?
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  2. Rickster123

    Rickster123 Guest

    You paid him for his time then YOU went and bought and fitted the part? Am I reading that correctly?
  3. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Same way as I read it.
  4. Tim123

    Tim123 Guest

    Yes but that was my choice. He offered to pick up the part and fit it, but he could see that I was capable of doing that myself and so had no problem letting me do it and saving some cash.
  5. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

    But instead of saving some cash you'll actually end up spending more.
  6. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    we do not give advise on this forum to non gas safe people with relation to working on gas appliances as this is against the law.

    removing the cover of this boiler is working on gas.

    please get your GSR engineer back to complete the work.
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  7. Tim123

    Tim123 Guest

    Ok lesson learned. I won't open the boiler again.

    i am going to contact a professional today to get the work done.

    would you say that replacing the pcb is the right way for him to go?
  8. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

    Lesson not learned.
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  9. happyflyer

    happyflyer Guest

    Most modern gas boiler have built in annunciations, faults can be displayed as the boiler thinks fit, however they are not always right since it could be multiple faults, there are lots of engineers out there that only know how to swap parts until they get it right, something are obvious the smell of a burnt out winding on a fan motor, a pump gone easy to test, this is my advice, get a contract with BG you will be covered and they have engineers that have been trained on various boilers. If you want a one shot fix it the manufacture is best, don't get me wrong there are guys out there who specialist in boiler work, but find a good one and he will be worked off his feet, they don't come by all that often.

    Please please take notice of these chaps I know you have not changed the gas valve but by law you take those 4 screws of the boiler case and you are in the poo only the depth will change.

    Take a look at all the explosions that have occurred recently, some involved DIY heating specialists, no one trying to rip anyone off and I will tell you why, you can buy a new boiler for £700.00 so anymore than £350 for a one off repair and a new boiler is looking pretty good.

    Be sensible and make sure you don't get Jack the Lad ring the manufacturer, I am surprised they even talked to you on the phone.

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    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2013
  10. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    manufacturers own engineers just change parts alot of the time, they can do do without extra cost tho as they have the parts on the van. Same with BG engineers to some degree. best find a good local engineer, no need to give money to greedy corps, especially thoses who's engineers are there to sell you a powerflush for a stupid price.
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  11. happyflyer

    happyflyer Guest

    That's what I said go find a good local engineer, that might be more difficult than you think and who's the judge on how good is good, surely not the customer, BG like you say have all the parts, in the depths of winter you don't want someone learning his trade at your expense whist you freeze waiting for antother part you guessed wrong, I agree if BG are trying to sell on the back they have a toe in the door then it is wrong. What can we do about it, we had a difference of opinion about TBOE rad connection giving 2% more output, hells what different is crap going to make in the bottom of a rad, 2, 5, 10% what a selling point.

    If BG said to my old aunt who is dead now, if you flush your rads out you will save 10% on energy, she would say do all 10 then, cost me nowt then..
  12. Tim123

    Tim123 Guest

    thanks for your help. From another thread I was thinking that it might not be the pcb. A similar problem with another vaillant turned out to be a failed pump.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of such a good engineer in the north London area?

    if not ill ring BG
  13. happyflyer

    happyflyer Guest

    Your guessing again and that's not good a pump would not cause a probe fault display, chalk and cheese, North London private man with a van, with the full knowledge of your boiler, come in 10 mins sorted, me thinks not , ring BG even they can get it wrong but you will be on a fixed cost.
  14. Atouchofgas

    Atouchofgas Plumber GSR

    Why not just get vailliant out on a fixed cost price, then you know it's fixed and cover with a 12 month warranty
  15. Tim123

    Tim123 Guest

    Just rang vaillant. £285 one off fee for all parts and labour excluding heat exchanger. Or £288 for 1 year of boiler breakdown cover.

    BG contracts only cover boilers in good working order. Will also get a quote from them for fixed fee repair...
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