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Discuss Toilet pan connection problem in the Sanitary Ware area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. kc1

    kc1 New Member

    I need to connect a WC to a horizontal soil pipe - the problem is that the centres are only 150mm apart from where the pipe enters the floor. I also need to connect the basin waste somewhere.


    This connection is within a cabinet behind the WC, so have about 300mm depth to play with too - the pipes are close to the wall.

    I have 2 possible ideas :
    1. use a solvent weld T horizontally, and an elbow - but trim each socket down to about 20mm before gluing a 40mm bit of pipe between.

    2. bring the existing soil pipe in higher up the wall completely above the WC connection, and then use a branch at the bottom mounted 45 degrees round (forward), with another 45 degree bend connecting to the WC. I think rotating 45 degrees will give me about 210mm between centres (if i've got my maths right).

    Which would be better - or is there an entirely different way to do this?

    I also need to find some way to connect the basin waste pipe - does anyone make a 90 degree 110mm bend with a boss for a 40mm pipe? - i can't find one anywhere.
  2. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    Don't think I've seen a 90 bend with boss, there are pan connectors with a boss, or use a strap boss.
  3. NickH

    NickH Active Member

    I think I'd cut the soil pipe above the floor, fit a branch vertically above that and then use a 110 street elbow to connect the WC. You can cut the spigot on the street elbow to get it close to the stack. Hope that makes sense.