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  1. Seanog

    Seanog New Member

    [FONT=verdana, sans-serif]

    [FONT=verdana, sans-serif]In my Saunier Duval gas boiler the pressure continues to rise even after closing the filling valve. After removing the valve, I see that there is only plastic to plastic contact to fully close the valve. I'd like to know if the filling cock Part Number: 1416139, includes a washer to shut off the water supply when the valve is fully closed? Or is there only plastic to plastic contact (no rubber washer?) to completely shut off the water entering the boiler? Please see 2 photos attached. Thank you.[/FONT]




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  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Please read the forum rules, unless your gas safe sorry you can work on boilers or anything gas related even on the water side

    Please get a gas safe engy out
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  3. Rickster123

    Rickster123 Guest

    As above
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