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  1. Backboiler

    Backboiler Plumber GSR

    How often do have to sit a re-assessment?
  2. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

    It should say on your card.
  3. dave1

    dave1 Plumber

    I don't believe you have to re sit water regs. It lasts for ever, or until they decide to overhaul the regs and make you re sit.
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  4. kozak1968

    kozak1968 Plumber GSR

    They call it evergreen. But like has already been said, they can change the rules.
  5. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    Only likely if they change the 1999 Water Regs (like what happened to Part G)
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  6. Soulman

    Soulman GSR

    Every 5 years, just re sat mine, along with energy eff.
  7. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumber GSR

    Water Regulations/Byelaws certificates or cards have no expiry date applied.
  8. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumber GSR

    Who with?
  9. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    Most of my certs are with CITB and they operate a continual assessment process just like the ACS every 5 years. It doesn't mean you have to retrain if you know your stuff but recent certs do show you are up to date, assessment only opinion is available at every center Ive contacted. until water is regulated by a professional body, nobody would see no harm in a expired certificate
  10. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

    Mine does.
  11. REDSAW

    REDSAW Guest

    are you supposed to have water regs?:toetap05::smoking:
  12. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumber GSR

    I'm with BPEC.
  13. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumber GSR

  14. Howsie

    Howsie Plumber

  15. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    I think I will stick to BPEC, as I guess will most people will.

    If I proved my competency & nothing has changed in 5 years on the regulation or standards front, why do I need to re-prove myself?

    This type of thing is what gives the system & training centres a bad name.
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