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  1. QualityFirst

    QualityFirst New Member

    I would be very grateful for advice re problems with my newly fitted bathroom.
    A few days after the 550mm basin was wall-hung (because I don't like the look of pedestals), I rested my hand on it, and a tile behind it cracked, and the basin is now very slightly loose. And, no, I did not swing on it! It is 'fixed' to an outside wall.

    The plumber arranged to come back and refix it, but then said he's given up plumbing.

    I would like to have the basin refixed a little further away from the wall, since there is a cabinet above the basin, with insufficient headroom. Could I have a false wall built to hide the pipes and to provide a shelf behind the basin?

    And would it need a metal frame to fix it? Please can you advise me what to do?
  2. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    In sort yes that should be possible & it could be constructed of of wood or using a metal frame.

    The starting point is the existing basin fixings do you know what was used?
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  3. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Not sure I see the relevance if it's going to be changed and altered.
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  4. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    If the tiles cracked & it is loose after such a sort time you have to wonder if it has been fixed correctly, they wouldn't want a repeat when it is re-fixed.

    That was my thinking.
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  5. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Agree however the fact that it has failed so quickly and the original person has "Given up plumbing" therefore won`t return speaks volumes to me so hopefully whoever takes the job on now will do a proper job.
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  6. Masood

    Masood Guest

    Agree - no point trying to repair this install by the sounds of it. Best to start again - no knowing what other bodgery has gone on, if it came loose so easily!
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  7. paulusgg

    paulusgg GSR

    I wonder what the original plumber is doing now that he's given up plumbing. Re-wires, mortgage advice, vicar??
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  8. QualityFirst

    QualityFirst New Member

    Thanks for your input. The plumber was recommended by my local plumbing/bathroom supply shop. Their only reaction to my plight was to say that the shop and all their plumbers are inundated with work, and that all the other plumbers are booked up until October. I have vented my fury by giving them a rotten rating on

    My concern now is to know what is necessary to re-fix the basin, say, at least 10cm away from the wall this time. The basin is close to a corner of the bathroom, only 10cm from the adjacent wall, so I am planning to extend the tiled panelling to the corner. Would it need a metal frame to make it secure?

    I really appreciate your help, as I'm struggling to find people I can trust.
  9. paulusgg

    paulusgg GSR

    Build some stud work from 4by2 sawn timber ensuring there is timber noggins at the correct spacing to accept Fisher basin bolts. Cover the studwork with your preferred material (ply, plasterboard, tiling). Extend the pipe work to make sure the hot, cold and waste will fit the basin in its new position.

    On the back of the basin you will see two large oval shaped holes, measure and mark the position of these on the wall at the correct height and centres before screwing in the basin bolts. You can now slide the basin over these bolts and screw on the nylon spacers, washers and nuts.

    No need for a metal frame although there are some available on the market

    Hope this helps, even if you're not doing it yourself you'll be able to see the/a correct method.
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  10. QualityFirst

    QualityFirst New Member

    Thank you Paulusgg!
    I do appreciate the details, so I know what to ask the next plumber.
  11. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    seems harsh to slag off the merchant when another company fitted the bathroom, only saying, but you have just proved all that is wrong with the internet.
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  12. QualityFirst

    QualityFirst New Member

    a) the merchant recommended him, and
    b) the merchant was totally uninterested in helping, and I had spent a lot of money with them.
    c) the plumber himself has no internet presence. This in itself persuades me that in future I should only employ people who have an online reputation to guard. Of course it isn't a perfect system, but I'm fed up of bad workmen. I am equally diligent in giving top ratings to good people - my joiner, car mechanic, painter, gas boiler fitter, etc.
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  13. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Roughly whereabouts are you? One of us might cover that area.

    And the prospect of a bad report getting back to this nest of vipers is what keeps us all on our toes!
  14. QualityFirst

    QualityFirst New Member

    Ha ha. I'm in south Manchester. I've got plenty of spare tiles, and some grouting.

    I'd be delighted to find someone here to do the work for me. :smile5:
  15. Radioman

    Radioman Active Member

    Caveat Emptor! How many references did you take out on your "plumber" or was he just the cheapest? And if you did take out references how did you do that? Before I retired and we closed up shop we supplied a written list of past customers for reference, including phone numbers and email address, with every estimate supplied: (note Estimate as opposed to Quotation). I can count on 1 hand the number of times a reference was taken in 15 years. Due to the changes in consumer protection in October 2015 I am surprised even more tradesmen are not ceasing to trade.
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