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  1. Plumber252

    Plumber252 New Member

    Good afternoon,

    im new to this forum and was wondering if anybody could give me abit of advice?

    Im currently a self employed plumber/heating engineer looking at perusing a career in teaching this at college level. I have done abit of searching online of how to go about it and found that I have two options; in-service or pre-service training. Has anybody got any advice on the best way forward/got any experience for the best way to go?

    regards in advance,

  2. Plastic soul

    Plastic soul New Member

    Try approaching Access training they're always after people
  3. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    Why would you want to put yourself in such a stressful situation?
    I was a school teacher for 15 years and it sucked the life out of me, ok I was head of 3 departments but it still made me ill, even when I relinquished two of them. I then tried working as a teaching assistant at a local college but that was nearly as bad because most of the kids on the vocational courses were just there because they had to be there. Very disruptive and challenging all the time.
    Stick to P&H it's nowhere near as stressful, and you get to have some time to yourself instead of continuously doing paperwork to satisfy OFSTED etc.
  4. Plastic soul

    Plastic soul New Member

    Mate, I agree
    I was about the same as you...18 years in teaching
    I enjoy the p&h, sometimes you get challenges but you get over them and go home and the evening is yours!!
  5. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I guess physical health may be one reason! I was considering it last year when I had a problem with my spine and wasn't able to even walk properly for 2 weeks!