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  1. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    Had to replace the c/h pump in a house I rent out this afternoon.
    The original red handled gate valve type in there have always been a bit temperamental so chose to replace them with the Perfact Pump valves Ray sent me. As they're in a house I own I will be able to update on here if there are any issues. The system was due for a flush/refill with new inhibitor anyway so did a bit of an M.O.T. on it today. As I mentioned when I first got them - the valves appear very sturdy and the handles are stiff compared to others but after a couple of turns they seemed to free up nicely.
    The fact that they have copper olives in is always a plus for me, I don't like having to gorilla up brass ones, and the rubber seals may or may not help reduce a little noise from the cheap pump I installed ;) Not sure how much these retail at but if they're not much dearer than their equivalents I would fit them again just for how sturdy they feel.
    I will post up here if they explode in the near future but I doubt they will.
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  2. Nostrum

    Nostrum Plumber GSR

    Re: Williams & Co product review thread

    Perfect pump valves

    I finally managed to get these fitted this afternoon, to replace some screwdriver type valves which were leaking along with a seized pump. The reason I used these was because of where the pump had been sited, low down in a 'dirt trap' in a very awkward position.

    They were unfortunately a bit longer than the previous valves, although they appear to be the same length as gate valve type valves. I liked the rubber washers supplied although chose the grundfos standard issue as I have used these before with no problems.

    The handles on the valves made it a little awkward to get a grip on them when nipping up, although as said before, the position they were they fitted to was far from ideal.

    copper olives supplied which I prefer, good quality valves and nylon coated ball valve so should hold up well.

    unfortunatly the test of time is the biggest factor to consider, so unable to comment so early.

    Would I buy them? Possibly on a job with a bigger budget, probably not competitively priced for general work though, especially when it is unlikely you will rep the rewards when the pump needs replacing in years to come.

    Thanks for the valves Ray.
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