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  1. Dsc1989

    Dsc1989 New Member

    Hi all, short back story. I'm London based and got a taste of plumbing when I was 19 and did it for about 18 months. Really enjoyed it but things didn't work out at the time. I'm now 27 and have been constantly applying for jobs since. Still had no luck, would love to get qualified and was wondering if anyone is able to help or recommend anything. I know about apprenticeships but everywhere is saying I'm too old, I've even offered for them to recover cost out of wages once qualified but still no luck. Another problem is that I have 2 young children so can't afford to be paid the £3ph. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect £15ph but surely a half decent wage of like £7.5ph is acceptable. Like I said, any help or advice (or even job offer) is appreciated.
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