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  1. Jack Mckeown

    Jack Mckeown New Member

    Hi I am starting my gas safe in around 6 months and my employer has told me to start taking photos and build up a portfolio ready for when I start.

    I was just wondering if anyone is currently doing or recently finished their gas and could give me an idea of what photos I need if possible,

  2. plumbgaspaul

    plumbgaspaul GSR

    Hi Jack,
    The portfolio has to have a certain number of jobs that you have undertaken with a GSR engineer e.g 3 x Installations. 3 x Gas Safety Checks, 3 x Services etc - not sure the exact numbers from memory but you can check this with the centre where you are undertaking this. Mine provided me with a sheet to complete so I knew that I had done enough of each to complete the portfolio.

    The photos you need are the actions at each stage - tightness test at meter, removing old boiler, using template to install new boiler - hanging rig, new pipework, commissioning, flue analysis etc.
    Same for Gas Safety / Services etc - just take pics of each stage and you can then decide which ones are needed. You are basically telling the story with pics and writing some info based on these to show you have gone through correct procedures.
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