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  1. Chris Retop

    Chris Retop New Member

    I am currently having my kitchen renovated and the attached pictures shows the wall where we will have the sink run comprising of the following -

    Left side - 60cm Dish Washer
    Middle - 90cm Sink unit (80cm Sink)
    Right Side - 40cm Bin Unit

    The whole width of the wall is 205cm

    The middle unit should house a Water softer (21cm wide), Water Purifier unit (15cm wide) and a Cooker Hot tap Cylinder (15cm-20cm wide)
    *We are hoping to have some space left inside the cupboard for some storage space (cleaning products etc)

    In the attached picture, the plumbers have mistakenly put the pipes for the water softener on the left side (position of the dish washer) instead of the middle.

    Is there a way around this and if so how?
    Do you also think with what I am trying to achieve above, it will be realistic to get some storage space as well?

  2. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    It going to be a bit cozy its hard to say till you have the equipment there in front of you its easy enough to move the supplies about pipe them through the stud work behind the plaster board maybe cheers kop
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