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Discuss Custom flush pipe - I can't use off the shelf! in the Sanitary Ware area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    Hi there,

    I know this has been asked a zillion times, but has anyone here got experience of bending their own flush pipe?

    I'm fairly sure I can't use an off-the shelf 3 piece set because the WC pan is fitted so it faces outwards from a corner so is at 45° to the cistern and there is a need to make offsets to specific dimensions. I can't move the high level cistern because one of the people in the house has dementia and will get confused, and, in any case, the pipework to the cistern is a weird 1/4" rubber hose thing, and there's a window... so, given the confined space, it really does seem that the existing layout is the best.

    IMG_3278.JPG .

    The existing flush pipe is made from ABS waste, but it 'looks dirty' (probably because the joints hadn't been sealed properly and have leaked). The customer says he's happy for me to contrive something from solvent weld pipe and joints, but I know it will look rubbish, and I'm not sure I can do this with fittings, even if I can get it to seal.

    Unfortunately, the elderly relative with dementia was a kind of genius in his time:rant: and has fitted the WC pan fairly tight into the corner so there really is very little space to play with. Sadly he wasn't that bothered about what anything looked like, how easy it was to clean, or whether it needed lots of tape to make things seal, so this is an 'interesting' job.

    Have had a go at sand filling and bending ABS with blowtorch heat - it rippled, and the fumes gave me a headache. I couldn't seem to keep it warm enough without overheating it. 1 1/2" pushfit seems a better size, and PP seems easier to heat, perhaps with a hairdryer, but this isn't something I've been taught to do, nor something anyone I know personally has experience of.

    Any ideas? I just want it to work and look nice. Thanks, if you can help! :skep:

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