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Discuss Completed my C&G Plumbing Level 2 (6035) now need NVQ in the Plumbing Courses area at

  1. Shayno89

    Shayno89 New Member

    Hi, I could do with some of your help please.

    Last September I started an intense City & Guilds Level 2 (6035) course, I finished/completed it March this year. I enjoyed my time on the course a lot and I have been looking hard for employment/apprenticeship/NVQ since I left.

    I now know that I don't stand a chance getting a job unless I have experience or an NVQ in Plumbing. I have been applying for Apprenticeships with no luck. Contacting every local Plumber/Company in my region aswell as colleges for help.

    I want to get my NVQ Level 2 so that I would be able to find employment more easily. But to get an NVQ I have to be currently working in the trade, how am I meant to get employment to get an NVQ when I need an NVQ to get employment? :mad2:
    I will pay myself for the NVQ that isn't an issue, I just cannot find how I can get it without being employed. I seen a member on the site mentioning something about Access Training in Wales, that doesn't require you to be in employment. Is this correct? Is there any advice help you can give me to help me get my career started. This is the only job I want to do and currently look for everyday.

    I am 27 from Birmingham. I also currently don't drive at the minute. But I am going to be taking my lessons soon. Don't mind Apprentice wages if I were to become an apprentice, but I don't think the employer will get the funding to take me on (due to my age).

    Your advice/help will be very much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Jay The Plumber

    Jay The Plumber Active Member

    get your driving license.. it's essential.
  3. Shayno89

    Shayno89 New Member

    Yeah I know this would help a lot, that's why I'm going to start taking lessons asap.
    It's just that when I was doing my course I thought I would get an apprenticeship or a job as a plumbers mate. Then go with him/her in the van, mentoring me... considering I ain't got enough experience to go out to jobs by myself.
  4. NickDavies

    NickDavies New Member

    Sorry for being rude, I should have congratulated you sooner, well done for trying to better yourself and passing the C & G's.

    1st things first, as Jay mentioned earlier, The Driving Test....make that a priority, I will tell you why, let's say I gave you a job for a couple of days a week while you were learning and we were called to an urgent job, a disaster of a job, but I don't have the right fittings on my van.. If you could drive I could send you to pick them up while I held the fort and actually did something productive, rather than you staying behind while I went in my van because you haven't passed your test yet, that's why as Jay said it really is essential.

    I worked in the firms stores for 6 weeks when I started my apprenticeship, with an old fitter called Les, a grumpy sod but very patient, sorting, packing,unpacking, tidying,sweeping up and by the end of it I was truly sick of old tea chests, boxes of clean rags, fittings, and the stench of boss white and hemp but I knew every name of every fitting, I could tell in a pitch black room what a fitting was if someone put in into my hand, the size/s even the difference in feel between a maleable iron tee and a galvanised one. you need this knowledge as it gives you confidence so get the catalogues out if you cant find a hands on job for a while in BSS or similar.

    Get some cards made up and get round all the local suppliers and keep going round, get your face known start talking, cough out a smile and start a conversation or 2 you never know where it may lead, no posh telephone voices but no "ya get me blud" either.

    A proper bonafide M&E engineer/gas fitter/plumber/pipe fitter who has gone through an old school apprenticeship will recognise this willingness and it may help open a door, don't start crying though as no one likes this.

    It's not easy what you are trying to do but don't sell yourself too cheaply you won't want the man who steps up to help you feeling guilty, you have City & Guilds and a willingness to learn just keep plugging away, only time will tell, also stay away from the bakers, bookies and the pub and don't put your hands in your pockets.

    Good Luck mate : )
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  5. Shayno89

    Shayno89 New Member

    Yeah my main aim now is to get my provisional and take lessons... It makes sense what you said. I just had a vision when I started training and it's turned out nothing like I had expected. Didn't think it would be this hard to find a job, but then again I didn't look into the employment side of it before starting.
    I feel confident in my knowledge so far in the trade, just a skim through a book or notes/work from my course to jot my memory as it's been a good few months since finishing.
    Luckily enough I do stay out of pubs and bookies now, trying to sort my life out.. Got my priorities sorted apart from that essential driving licence ha.
    Is there now way of me getting an NVQ without being in employment?

    Thanks for your time as that was a big helpful post. :D
  6. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    I don't think you can get NVQ without job, the V stands for vocational for that reason.

    Plod on though, you seem determined. The above advice is good, see if you can labour for plumbers or even get a job at a plumbers merchants, that will give you knowledge of materials and introduce you to many types of plumbers.

    It's a vast industry with many roads, from tap washers to industrial heating.

    I wish you the best
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
  7. Shayno89

    Shayno89 New Member

    My tutors said that Level 3 is a big step up and they recommended to get a job first then do it, so Ive got more understanding. Also it's kind of irrelevant as i haven't seen a vacancy that asks for a Level 3, although it looks better on a CV. (Their words also aswell as my opinion)
    I thought about going and doing a tiling course as this might have helped impress some employers, if they are looking for someone who can do both. But Im just determined to focus on getting myself a plumbing job first then branch of and do training for a different trade closely related if needed.
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