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  1. RoryD

    RoryD Plumber GSR

    I've recently received a phone call from Business Grants & Funding ® - Easy Funding for Business Growth.. They called from out of the blue offering me the earth. It was too good to be true....!! Then yesterday I had the great news that they may be able to accept me for the grant and needed to contact them for more details. I realised I was being sucked in to this "Too good to be true" thing and googled the telephone number. That flagged a couple of complaints to this number which led to comments about a scam.
    I just phoned them and challenged them on a couple of issues about who is giving the Grant and received waffle about a finance company. Again I challenged (not wanting to be liable for a loan). It was then I was told I will be expected to contribute 30% toward MY OWN GRANT!! In the interest of decorum I won't go into detail of what was actually said but the conversation went downhill from there.
    Be aware that there are con men out there, if it sounds too good to be true it ALWAYS is!!
  2. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    A GSR should take financial advice only from their own accountant for pretty much the same reason an accountant should only have their heating serviced by a GSR.
  3. RoryD

    RoryD Plumber GSR

    The point is that this was not financial advice, it's being peddled as a Government Grant
  4. RoryD

    RoryD Plumber GSR

    The point here is that they claim to be offering Government grants. In reality I believe they are making loans in your name.