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  1. cruiser

    cruiser New Member

    Hi guys , i got my oftec inspection next week .any advice ??
    Has anyone else had inspection ?
    Hes coming to inspect an install .
    Someine has told me that i need to use oil pipe inserts every time .is this true ??
  2. Gazzt

    Gazzt Active Member

    Oftec do recommend oil pipe inserts while making compression joints, thats what i was told by oftec training northern ireland. I check oftec files for you and get back to you.
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  3. Gazzt

    Gazzt Active Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg hope this helps
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  4. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    Yes it is. Got told off by Oftec inspector myself. They prefer if you used flared fitting rather than compression. Have used them ever since. Look at where you can mail order them and get the tool and fittings you need. Its similar to what is used on brake lines on cars.
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  5. Jay The Plumber

    Jay The Plumber Active Member

    on my inspection this subject came up, yea use inserts with compression fittings.
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  6. magicno1

    magicno1 GSR

    If you are serious about your work and customers and adhere to the rules and regs you won't go wrong. Do your homework and training and it will be a piece of cake. Cut corners like some and it ain't gonna work!
    As mentioned inserts are used on soft copper but we use flared fittings where possible.
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  7. apcdave

    apcdave Member

    you would struggle to find an insert on an oil line with a compression fitting here in Antrim - seriously think I am only one using them
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  8. Gazzt

    Gazzt Active Member

    Yes banbridge is much the same.
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  9. CXR100

    CXR100 Plumber GSR

    Nobody I know uses them, nobody I know uses flared fittings either. I use inserts myself
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  10. deg

    deg Member

    Never knew they existed anywhere in northern ireland
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  11. Gazzt

    Gazzt Active Member

    I buy them off heating world of spares. I got them of the oftec shop as well.

    M341 inserts.jpg
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  12. windyboy

    windyboy New Member

    To be honest, I think the OFTEC written guidance sits on the fence a bit as regards inserts. On the page before the one that Gazzt posted at the top it just talks about the problems that Type A compression fittings can cause and then refers to BS EN 1254 Part 2. The BS says that inserts are required on R220 (soft) tube at 18mm and above and are possibly required below 18mm, manufacturer's advice should be sought. Manufacturer's advice seems a bit more definitive - e.g Connex say 'when using compression fittings with soft copper is essential that an appropriate tube liner is also fitted.' It would be easier if the Oftec guidance just said 'inserts should be used'.
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  13. Gazzt

    Gazzt Active Member

    True oftec a vague at times
  14. Gazzt

    Gazzt Active Member

    I use inserts for my personal preference they help support soft copper and help make a good compression joint, so i can be confident that i have done my best at preventing oil leaks.
  15. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Truth is OFTEC just want to create large books full of nonsense to make OFTEC look professional and to make exams harder.
    Plain, compressed, sensible wording would be better
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