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  1. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    Hey guys.

    I have seen a few topics on this forum regarding Access Training. Some of you seemed Skeptical about it. Them offering the NVQ2 without having to do a placement.

    I recently started training there (3rd of may) and I must say that I am very impressed with how it is going.

    I was also very skeptical at first. Bit the bullet, £6000 lighter and I am on my way to becoming a plumber. Their facilities are fantastic. They work from one large warehouse (Llandough trading estate - Cardiff) where plumbers - electricians and carpenters work from. I am in my 3rd week now and am busy with Lead work. During the first week we went through the basics of copper and LCS. Bending, soldering, testing. Then the second week we were told to put together a basic cistern to basin layout. They gave us 3 days to do this and at the end were told to take photos (of our work and of us doing it) for our portfolios.

    And then this week (3rd week) we are doping lead work. I find that it is a waste of time as most of this can be purchased rather than custom making each part. We learnt to weld, cut, shape and fit.

    We also have tests to do. These tests are every Tuesday and Thursday. These tests are multiple choice and the standards they require from you are very high. 80% is the pass mark.

    Overall I am very pleased that I took this course. Oh and I forgot to mention that the course is 8 weeks long and then a further 2 weeks for the NVQ2.

    I wish all that hope to start studying soon or that are into their studies the best of luck for the future.

  2. GQuigley67

    GQuigley67 Trusted Plumber GSR

    jeeez i wish i done this course then instead of wasting 4 years of my youth where i could of been partying more and sleeping with more girls
  3. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    Yeah unlucky you. Lol. Well at the moment I am travelling from Bristol to Cardiff everyday via train. Get up at 5am. Start at 8am. Finish at 4pm. The days are long and the nights are short. But its really worth it. I will make sure to binge on girls are alcohol as soon as this course is done ;)
  4. franz

    franz Guest

    how do you get NVQ2 WITHOUT going on site and working with a qual.plumber????
    ps for six GRAND I HOPE they are good,for that money you cannot fail.
  5. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    They work very closely with NVQ2 Assessors and city & guilds. £6000 is a lot of money but thinking ahead... it really is not that much. Also if anybody is in the army (territorial) you get huge discounts. A few of the boys that are on the course have only paid £1000. So this is a very worthwhile course.
  6. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    Hmmm you might wanna call them again... mention Access Training too. I am not the type of guy that will hand over 6 Grand. I know some (really stupid people) do that. But yes... being skeptical can help but these guys have been around for over 20 years. If there practicing was illegal they would have been shut down a very long time ago.
  7. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    i'm sure fuzzy will be along soon to give you the facts on nvqs. pretty sure you have to be employed to gain the nvq.
  8. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    Only get the NVQ when you are employed?? Okay lets rather wait for Fuzzy before you throw out some more absurd nonsense. This was not a post for people to come on and shout out BS. I am letting you all know that this place is legit. You don't need to believe me but please do some research on your comments carefully before posting.

    EDIT: okay I see what you are getting at. You mean proof that you have done the work? We get given a portfolio book with all the different assessments in it. Our tutors fill in the work we have done and we stick the pictures of the work we have done throughout each week into the appropriate sections of the portfolio.
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  9. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    Are you planning on studying or have you already studied?
  10. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    are you totally sure it is a nvq and not technical certificate?
  11. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    yes yes im here, not got long so a quick reply and ill check later. you must get evidence from a real working environment, preferably employed but self employed is fine as long as its real work

    i think this place useses EAl, the port folio is the same, required for the workshop and another for site work. not sure how they can do the site work one without being in work??
  12. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    id heard of a few centres finding a loop hole, not sure what it is but rest assured its some kinda short cut that the door will shut on, if anyone knows how or if anyone has the current nvq from a workshop only environment then please post and let us all know how this is achievable
    you could always contact ummitskills and ask their advice before signing up for any centre
  13. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh Guest

    hmm, normally the training centre offers a 6129 tech certificate i believe, then after the intensive course, you then have to do on site assessment work to gain the 6089 cert, that will give you the full level 2 qualification, its the same for Level 3 and doing your gas acs etc! 2 parts
  14. Killroy

    Killroy Guest

    One of our tutors is an NVQ assessor. It has changed a bit now though. We do the Lead and Radiator side of the NVQ there but we can no longer do the bathroom suite part there. But that is not too much of a problem as I have some work lined up later this month that will complete the bathroom practical side of the NVQ. But other than that I have 1 week left and I must say I will miss that place. Its been a great learning experience, the staff are friendly and the fellas that go there are enthusiastic and friendly. Anybody planning on doing their NVQ 2 I would strongly recommend going there.

    EDIT: last week we wrote the GOLA which was a breeze so that is the 6129 part done. Next week we are writing the water regs and vented and unvented exams. Open book and apparently very hard. Good luck to anybody writing any of these.
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  15. topdog

    topdog GSR

    I have just finished my 4 Week NICEIC Gas Training coarse at Access Training Wales, Paid for my work placement £1000.00 But still waiting for them to contact me. As i need to do my Work Portfolio then i sit my ACS Exams, I live in Barry, South Glamorgan. Is there any GAS ENGINEERS in this area or Cardiff willing to take me on to do it and I will pay you for your Troubles as
    I need to complete this stage ASAP. As I have moved House from N.Wales to Barry to do this Coarse and I have a contract on a rented house for another 4 months and I need to COMPLETE
    my Coarse by then.
    Many Thanks
    Paul Wolfe
    Tel: (phone number removed)
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